10 Top Questions And Answers About The Coaching Program And The 3.0 Course

Dear Speed Seduction(R) Fans And Students,

Here are the top ten questions and answers about the 3.0 Course and the coaching program:

Coaching Program Q&A

1. Can I join the program even if i don’t buy the 3.0 Course that also goes on sale October 30th?

Answer: Yes, the coaching program is open to everyone.  However, I highly suggest you get up to speed       by getting the older Home Study Course, or the 3.0 program.  I will have, within a month of launching, a       series of “Get Up To Speed With Speed Seduction(R) recorded video modules on the coaching member’s site to help newbies.

2. I’m a more advanced student. Is this program still for me?

Answer: Yes. I’ll be covering both beginning and advanced concepts. But more importantly, many of the concepts and applications I’ll be covering are based on ideas I’ve developed over the past 12 years since I recorded the original Home Study Course. So they will be equally new for EVERYONE.  And I’ll do my best to segment some of the material and let people know the level-advanced, intermediate or beginner.

3.  Is this going to be coaching/troubleshooting/hot-seats or instruction?

Answer: It’s going to be both. Half of the value is my skill as an instructor of key seduction tools and concepts.  The other half is my skill as a coach/troubleshooter/mentor. So you are going to get both in equal proportions.

4.  Are you going to add new elements as the program goes along?

Answer: Yes.  This program is about a dialog and conversation I have with you, my students and clients. If you demonstrate through your feedback that you like the various elements, we’ll keep them. If you want more and different stuff, we’ll add that in. I want this to be so far and away above anything else out there, that my “competition” shits in their pants at the thought of even trying to match it, much less surpass it.

5.  Is video going to be included in the coaching program?

Answer: Yes, of course. We’ll be doing recorded video in the form of two monthly update video modules. One will be an instructional module going into depth on a topic, concept, tool from the 3.0 Course and other Speed Seduction(R) material.  The other will be a “answers to students” module where I’ll pick 4 students with challenges/questions and give each one a special 15 minute, custom-prepared answer/lesson, including homework assignments, drills and exercises.  This will be posted for everyone to learn from.

6. How will you pick which students get the personal video coaching modules?

Answer: Whomever shows the best participation in the monthly teleseminar calls or whomever submits the best question by email.

7.  What are the two monthly phone coaching calls about?

Answer: Of course, this depends on how you guys best use the calls. Right now, I plan to do two calls a month.  One will be an instructional call about a topic, tool, concept(do you see the pattern here?) and the other will be a troubleshooting/hotseat/coaching call.  But it may turn out that separating them out that way doesn’t work, in which case we’ll do a little of both-instructing and troubleshooting-on each call.

8. What are the multi-media aspects of the coaching program?

Answer: For the recorded video modules, you’ll get power-point presentations, transcripts of the audio, and the audio in Mp3 format to download. We’ll also have the audio in a format that you can download directly to your iPod.  The teleseminars will include recordings of the calls and transcripts.  I want to provide the material in a way where each person’s learning preferences are supported and upheld, as far as I possibly can.

9. What else comes with the program?

Answer: Live office hours, once a month.  For 3 hours, I will be available for one on one, free personal coaching and troubleshooting.  For the first 90 minutes, I’ll open up a special cell-phone line that I only answer at that time. Whomever gets in gets 10 minutes with me, in private, one on one over the phone.

The next 90 minutes I’ll be live on the Internet on my Megameeting private video conferencing service. This offers high quality, real time, ENCRYPTED, video to video conferencing and coaching.  Up to 15 people at a time can be in on the conference, but I’l give 10 minutes of coaching to as many people as I can for the 90 minutes we have.

10. How many people can enroll in the program?

Answer: Since I want to keep the quality up, I am going to limit the initial enrollment to 250 people. After that I really am going to shut it down for further enrollment for at least 30 days until I can shake everything out and see how many more we can accomodate. I’m not kidding about this so be ready to sign up when we open the shopping cart on October 30th.

3.0 Course Q&A

1. Why are you doing this course now?

Answer: This course represents 12 years of improvement and innovation over the previous full length Home Study Course, which I did in 1997. So much has changed, both in the material I teach AND the way I teach it, I felt it was time that I did this.

2. Does this course make the previous Home Study Course obsolete?

Answer: No.  The techniques and tools in the Home Study Course from 1997 still represent awesome technology that far outstrips the typical “dating game” and “dating frame” and it remains the basis for so much other stuff out there from the “seduction community” that my lawyers would have a field day if I ever turned them loose on these guys.

But the concepts, tools and methods in the 3.0 Course-and the learning technology I teach you to employ-are just worlds better.   They include fundamental concepts and distinctions about what powers the deep level code of women-their operating system and machine language to use a metaphor-that simply aren’t present in the 1997 course, because these ideas and concepts have only occurred to me after that time.

Some of these undestandings alone, even absent any practical application, offer staggering insights into the deep structure of womens’ emotional/subjective worlds, to the point where merely having these understandings creates an attractiveness about you that women get before you even open your mouth.

Most prominent is my understanding of the variations and applications of fractionation, something that can be used for successful relationships as well as just getting laid.

Secondly, my teachings about vibe and equanimity lead to an entirely different approach to all of life, not just women and seduction.

Third: the structure to the course provides many different “flow” examples of start to finish seduction scenarios, from initial walk up, to evoking responses, to testing for readiness, to closing.

4.  If I haven’t gotten the 1997 Course, should I get it before I buy 3.0?

Answer: I would say you don’t have to-IF you also join the coaching program. Why? Because I’ll be recording some video “Get Up To Speed With Speed Seduction(R) modules that will be posted in the coaching program’s member area. These will cover the basic tools and concepts from the 1997 course: memorized patterns, embedded commands, weasel phrases, transition phrases, trance words, anchoring, rapport, plus some of the most famous memorized patterns(The Blow Job Pattern, Incredible Connection, Discovery Channel etc).

If you do NOT join the coaching program(you are a fool) then no; do NOT get the 3.0 Course unless you first get the 1997 Course and have studied it for at least 90 days.

5. I’m a long time good customer. Bought the 1997 Course and other courses, and I’ve even been to seminars. Can I get a discount on the 3.0 Course?

Answer: No, and for good reasons.  First, the Course is not an upgrade, but an entirely new course with new concepts, tools and applications.  Secondly, as you may know, I’m no longer in business with my former partner, and there is no way for me to confirm who is a former customer for anyone who has bought prior to 2007. I simply don’t have the data.  And as I said, this is new stuff, so really defining it as an “upgrade” doesn’t apply.

6.  Is the production quality better than your previous products; the sound on a lot of them SUCKS.

Answer: Oh yes. I’m very aware of the previous production quality issues-let’s just say that that was not my department and not in my control and that my protests fell on deaf ears.  This is much improved, but I will warn you that the first DVD doesn’t entirely please me, sound-wise; the camera person believed he could use a “scatter-mike” instead of a lapel/wireless, and he was not correct about that. Still, I had it digitally enhanced and cleaned up. so it is pretty damned good. The rest of the DVD’s have excellent sound. But I’m still dedicated to getting the production stuff mastered.

7. How long is the course?

Answer: 7 DVDs and 11 CDs(for the Deluxe Version), plus hundreds of pages of transcripts.  Just the 7DVD’s for the Basic version.

8. Any bonuses?

Answer: The Deluxe Course will come with the following bonuses: 4 DVDs taken straight from never before seen footage of me teaching a Speed Life Course. This includes advanced seduction, RItual Magick, and overall persuasion applications. This material has NEVER been seen before and never will be seen again.  Many hours of great stuff.

9.  Do I have to sign up for the coaching program to get the 3.0 Course?

Answer: No, but the coaching program is awesome and you ought to highly consider it. What is it worth to have me as your mentor, teacher, coach and guide?

10. Can you give a quick summary of the 3.0 Course contents?

Answer: Sure, but I’l let a student who posted on this blog give his summary of what is in just the first TWO DVDS(let alone the remaining 5!):

“A few of the topics covered were fractionating tone from lighter to heavier for incredible power, better understanding of her unconscious mind and how it shapes what she ‘hears’ (ambiguity), proper use of themes, incorporating trance words into future patterning, fractionating vibe to be the most interesting person they have ever met, reaching deeper parts of her mind (4th level), creating loops, how to have her sexually fantasize about you in the first 20 minutes, understanding their autopilot response (as well as your own), screening for adventurous women to make the sarging much easier and much more fun, the de-mystification of ’self-esteem’, how to avoid the ‘ultimate supplication’, and the ‘Dark Energy’ of seduction: radical permission!”