A Very Special Announcement

Dear Speed Seduction® Students and Fans,

I just wanted to give you a VERY important-no, make that CRUCIAL-heads-up notice and warning.

Tomorrow, I am going to be making an announcement about my Speed Seduction 3.0 Home Study Course-the first complete course I’ve put out in almost 12 years. This represents the sum total of all of my progress learning and improvement teaching and practicing the seduction/persuasion arts for, as I just said, more than a decade.

I’m also going to be telling you about some major stuck points I’m having about launching the coaching program that I’ll also be starting, and how you can help shape what actually is looking like the best damn teaching, mentorship, and instructional model to hit the seduction world since I started the whole damn thing back in 1993.

You also find out why I may not do it.

Peace and Piece,

Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

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