An Example Of The Monthly Answers To Students Video Module


Dear Speed Seduction(R) Fans And Students,

What you are about to watch here is an example of the kind of video update module I’m thinking of including the coaching program launching on October 30th.

I’m now considering doing not one, but  TWO video update modules a month.

One would be a purely instructional module where I pick a topic and go into detail teaching about it.

But the other monthly module would be a 4 part “answers to students” video.

I’d pick 4 students questions and spend 15 minutes per question, giving each student a custom designed personal video mini-coaching session/instructional module, which everyone will get to watch in the member’s area.

This is an example of a video answer for a student on the Speed Seduction(R) Yahoo group.  What I provide in the coaching program would look like this.

Here is the post he made to the group-he entitled it “Paralysis”:

“We all know the importance of “inner game,” and often the issues stem
from broader paradigms, our ways of thinking that reach beyond just
our interactions with women.

I’ve identified at least three mentalities that I believe are
detrimental to all aspects of my life, and which I would like to
totally eliminate. Maybe some of you can relate. These are:

1. Zero-sum mentality: Viewing life as some sort of a race. In this
mentality, you try to slow others down while getting ahead yourself.
Also, you try to estimate the return on the things that you do, and
determine your actions based on it. This is a terrible way to live.

2. Maximalist mentality: Trying to make the best possible choice in
every situation, putting in so much time and effort into evaluating
the alternatives to the point where you can’t make a decision.

3. Forecast mentality: Trying to predict the immediate and
far-reaching consequences of all your words and actions.

Having one of these can be crippling. Having multiple can be downright
paralyzing. I don’t really know why I decided to share this. Maybe
some of you will find it interesting.”


Guys, what do you think of the answers I gave him, and do you think this will be a valuable part of the coaching program?  Each module would include a transcript in PDF format and also the audio would be available for download, and also in iPod ready format.

Please give me your comments below(and share this with a friend!)
RJ…building the best damn coaching program in the world!