Another Wicked, Evil 3.0 Clip: The Combined Power Of Trance Words And Anchoring


Dear Speed Seduction Fans And Students,

You are really going to love this wicked clip from the 3.0 Course.

This is a short clip-about a minute 30-but it demonstrates the combined power of:

1. Using her trance words

2. Anchoring(in a way that she can’t catch or resist)

3. Using sexual metaphor to accelerate her responses

4. Using vague language to assist you in closing the deal!

I really like how 3.0 elegantly shows you how to use all the tools in combination, working together. And you can do it in about 4 minutes of conversation.

God, I’m good.

Please let me know what you think of the this clip in the comment section below…me, I’d appreciate it!


P.S. Sometime in the next day or two, watch for an email/post about the coaching program and some of the technology I might be using. I think you’re going to CRAVE this!