All Men Are NOT Pigs: How To Avoid Being Thrown In The Mud

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Has a woman ever slammed the brakes on because she doesn’t want to get hurt again? needs to know if you’re “serious” about a long-term relationship – and if she senses you’re not, in about 45 minutes from now she and her gal pals will all be in agreement you’re the latest case study that proves “all men are pigs“….

…..just like that ass of an ex whose shadow has cast over your dealings with her from the jump, who now she’ll be convinced you’re “just like.”

Too bad, because things are developing nicely, and you hate to see it crash and burn after just six weeks when it’s looking so promising.

To avoid getting hurt again, she’s about to shut the whole thing down and consign you to the pig sty.

Uh oh.

Word-For-Word Language Pattern That
Avoids The “Hurt” Trap By
Being Artfully Vague

News flash: she’s going to get hurt.

It’s up to you to not be piggish about it and show her you’re not going to throw her heart in the mud like those other jerks did.

Watch this:

Her: “I’m tired of getting hurt. My last boyfriend really hurt me when he broke up with me.”

Me: “Yes, there always is the possibility of getting hurt. I guarantee at some point we’re going to hurt each other. If you’re worried about me hurting you, stop worrying. I promise you I am going to hurt you and you’re going to hurt me. That’s part of being vulnerable. When you’re vulnerable and you love even when you don’t mean it, even if it lasts, there’s hurt and there’s pain. Rather than worry about that, let’s see how it unfolds. We only do what feels right for both of us.”

Three Ways This Gets Back Your
Control And Stops Her From
Tossing You In The Pig Sty

couple-comfortingFirst, notice I said nothing specific in my response. Re-read the above.

Second, because I was artfully vague, she’ll fill in the blanks with her imagination. It’s pretty f@@king clever is it not?

Third, compare this to what other guys have told her: “No baby, I’m different. I’ll never ever hurt you.”

And you wonder why chicks say all men are pigs?

Do different. Be better.

Peace and piece,


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7 Responses to All Men Are NOT Pigs: How To Avoid Being Thrown In The Mud

  1. Zarathud says:

    Good post.

  2. Mat says:

    Is there a missing word or typo or grammar element? I don’t understand the first part: “When you’re vulnerable and you love even when you don’t mean it, even if it lasts, there’s hurt and there’s pain.”

    But other than that.. fantastic! Thanks, master!

  3. Naga1 says:

    Eggs WILLL be broken in the creation of an Ommlette…

  4. Bob says:

    That’s a brilliant reply. I think it’s being really honest about disappointments in love instead of evasive and sugary, and she’ll admire that, if she’s worth much. (How she responds is a test of HER). I wouldn’t say it was the vagueness that was especially clever as it was putting both of you in the same boat when it comes to getting hurt, reminding her you’re as human and vulnerable as she is instead of it being all about her and meeting her implicit demand that you prove you love her by promising to make her completely free of life’s hurts.

  5. Joseph says:

    Paul some of the stuff you say for a Virgo is very bold- no lack of chutzpah there.

    Tell me- why do some of us guys go to the be a nice guy auto pilot and take women’s first response so seriously? I was programmed not argue with a woman as this is rude and I gentlemen like. I hope you will you show us how to blast past that ball of bs!

    Bob you must have solid inner game good frame you put that in.

    Have you guys heard of Pua Roger Allan Currie ( I only mention him because his stylemof pua is odd/ unique from misery and deanushole etc and all tje other bovimes who try but cant measure ip to rj) he’s a black dude who just basically say “hey girl I be real wit ya lets f$@&- ya dig?” i admire the guys boldness but I think that’s crazy. That guy must be an Aries to say that bold and tacky of stuff. Thoughts?

    • enchanter says:

      Have you heard of the “apocalypse opener”? It’s an “advanced PUA technique” that I used once to score a hot date with 2 police officers.

      I swear, those guys are telling guys to do stupid things so they feel like such failures that they think the only way they’ll get better is to go to a boot camp.

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