The ABS Principle And How It Gets You More Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A key ingredient of achieving greater success with the women you truly desire is something I call the ABS Principle.

It doesn’t mean Anti-Lock Braking System, though once you apply it you’ll find a much smoother path, with less sudden, hard stops, to getting more women.

It also doesn’t means “abs”.  No bullying, buying, begging, BS, booze, or biceps here.

Abs-olutely not.  No desperate supplication or AFC-ery here.

You might call it the Anti-Masturbation Breakthrough System.  Actually, I might call it that.

Whatever you call it, the ABS Principle boils down to this: 

Always Be Sarging

First, foremost, uppermost, and important-most: I don’t go somewhere to Sarge, I Sarge when I go places.

Being a man who claims his choice to meet, seduce, and enjoy women taking rides on your baloney pony must be part of who you are and what you do.  Not an “event” as in “Hey dude, wanna go out and scout some babes tonight?”

Effective goal-setting is also an important part of the ABS Principle.

Forget “impressing that chick” or “scoring with that babe.”  No.

A Speed Seducer® focuses on continually improving and mastering his skills that get him success not only with the woman in front of him now, but also the next ten HB10s he meets.

Why is this so important? When you put alot of energy, enthusiasm and focus into any ONE woman, and things don’t open up for you as you wish, then all of that energy (better used for Sarging in this case) has nowhere to go.


Think of it this way: when the girl you play with becomes the girl you want to stay with, you will have more assurance that you are stepping into the life you truly deserve, not settling on a real-hate-shun-ship by default.

How will you find that fine femme if you’re limiting yourself by making Sarging an “event?”

Again: Always Be Sarging.

Peace and piece,

P.S. Today is the day you will claim control of your life and start meeting, flirting, dating, seducing, and sleeping with sexy, beautiful women, fast and easy, immersing yourself in and mastering the lessons and teachings inside the Rapid And Total Success With Women System.


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8 Responses to The ABS Principle And How It Gets You More Women

  1. A M says:

    a wonderful attitude, it improves inner game and put the world inside the comfort zone
    just avoid trying new things with your boss’ wife…

  2. Miki Berkovich says:

    Hi Ross, nice post but I have a question about this: When I do a ritual before Sarge, I can put myself into a realy useful state: focused ,relaxed and positive. I can also approach girls during the day on random occurences, but I sometimes i’ll be off-state, either because of tiredness or after a hard day of work, I’ll find it hard to focus or be concentrated and then even if I approach my choice of words will could be weak, won’t be able to notice things the girl gives me, and in general I won’t be in a realy useful state. What can be done about this?

  3. Always Be Sarging…It’s kinda like a pick up game that you play to improve your skills. I think that this is one of the missing elements that I need to apply. I talk to women but I don’t try to pick up women wherever I go. I think that’s one of my sticky point. Still confident talking to women, but not super confident picking up 10s.

  4. Rheo says:

    This is so right. When you go out exclusively to meet babes, its a kind of an ametuer mindset, but meeting women when you are going about the activity of living and being your life feels like freedom. When you come from this attitude, it is truly giving these women an opportunity to meet an amazing person like you, and furthermore you know this and feel this in your guts, and if she can’t see that it doesn’t even matter that much.

    Also Ross, I’m almost reacahing the end of Shinzen’s sereies that you recommended in NYIG and its amazing. It truly staggers my imagination that you want your students to not only have power and choice with women but you alo have a vision for them far beyond that. You are trying to open their eyes and spirits to a happiness that is truly independednt of conditions and as a teacher I salute you! Happy Diwali!

  5. John McLean says:

    More good stuff from Ross! I invested in his Speed Seduction training years ago and it literally changed my life. It’s time for a review of his material and so I’m likely going to attend his live event in 2012!

  6. Leslie Piper says:

    Mighty Ross. Great Teacher…thanks. I went thru your checklist and copied it by hand…when I have been at my most effective in times before I used…sometimes…similar approaches. This time, with a clear shock of recognition, I copied it…and will turn it into flash cards to memorize it…you know it will get used often in MANY different areas of life…

    Thanks again for your work and sharing so much. My life’s better because of you.
    all the best, Leslie Piper

  7. Aaron says:

    I agree and perhaps one exception to this rule is if you specifically go to a place to sarge as a warm up with the mindset you will sarge throughout your normal day.

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