Anchoring To Meet Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Check out this clip on anchoring, from an event taught by Kim McFarland And Tom Vizzini of Essential Skills, who will be our guest presenters at the March 29-31 Live Seminar in Los Angeles:

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. The March seminar is the second-to-last 3-day seminar I will ever host in the United States.  You cannot miss this.  Learn what you’ll be missing unless you step up and claim your seat now.



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6 Responses to Anchoring To Meet Women

  1. Ektor says:

    i like their teaching.
    but Tom Vizzini is really too dispersive in his way of teaching. He do too many digressions and you don’t really get the point. He use half an hour to explain a concept that could be said in 3 minutes.

    Anyway the anchoring is really good stuff

  2. Xavier says:

    I went to the New York seminar in 2010. It was an amazing seminar. I suppose the seminar in march will be even better as the other was.

  3. Edmundo says:

    I have an excellent memory and I am quite intelligent I just wonder how can I have such a foolish behavior and forgwtful attitude.
    Anchoring is quite simple and very useful. Wjat I saw in the video is just perfect and quite clear I want to master the art.

  4. Eric says:

    Ross..I know this has nothing to do with anchoring..but I recently met this woman and she said that she’s so use to assholes that its hard for her to open up?? What is she really saying to me?

    • @Eric She’s really saying that she has poor judgment at evaluating people.

      • Jo says:

        You know what, seeing this gets me thinking back to a couple of moments i had where things changed for me with SS, this may not be the most appropriate place but i hope this feedback helps someone.

        I remember i used to think of SS as bad manipulation at first, well, until i realized that its just fun to experience. You know, everyone wants to be seduced by someone of their fantasies but at the end of the day they never imagine that being a seducer means to give another person the joy of fulfilling their fantasy all the while taking your pleasure with them as part of it. Its not a trade you make, its a gift you give!

        People hide behind the comfort of, “one day i will find a special someone that will love me for who i am”. While this may be true in some cases, if you dont go out and experience things, how will you ever know who you are and what you stand for? SS is like the bible of getting what you want with women, if you don’t believe it and practice congruently, its just a story.

        Its all a learning experience. One of the best lines i read to convey this was in my psychology text book. It said, “BEWARE of mistaking nervousness for fear when trying something new” Somehow, after i read that, i felt amazingly comfortable with approaching strangers.

        When i was learning, something that held me back was the pressure to succeed. I used to put too much pressure on myself to do everything perfectly and be an ultimate stud from day 1, it just made me scared to learn. What helped me get past this is something rather unconventional. I read something on masturbation and how it “short circuits” reward loops for normal sex so i cut that and porn out and after about 12 days i was feeling like a new man. Without masturbation or sex as a ‘need’, i felt no pressure to get it, i felt free to enjoy people for who they are, my productivity in school and in my hobbies even went up. This made it easy for me to control my state and let go of expectations using your inner game exercises.

        I hope you have a great year Ross and i hope your Legacy continues, you are the only seducer that teaches something of genuine worth in the community.

        Thank you

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