Language Technique: Apposition Of Opposites

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Apposition of opposites is a form of suggestion that works as a language pattern.  In a nutshell it means “the more of one thing, the less of something else”.

Watch how this works with women:

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. Done properly, apposition of opposites is a clever way to make language patterns seem like perfectly ordinary, everyday conversation! Learn this, and much much more, inside Speed Seduction® 3.0.


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2 Responses to Language Technique: Apposition Of Opposites

  1. jack says:

    hilarious-yet-awesome! hey ross, i just ran across sasha cobra on youtube & noticed someone said you referred people to her. i really like her present energy. i’m wondering why i haven’t read about her in your newsletters.
    also, have you actually ever experienced tantric sex, you know, where orgasm is divorced from ejaculation, so you get a full body orgasm & just keep coming for as long as you like? for some reason, the way you spoke in this vid just struck me as speech that would induce or facilitate such a state.

  2. justin says:

    does anyone else have problems with these videos playing? it will play like a second or less then load over and over, takes like 5 min to watch a 1 min clip, I totally lose the message in the clip

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