The Power Of Asking The Right Questions

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I want to speak about the most “Jedi” of “Jedi” ideas.  Something Yoda would surely agree with, preach and teach.

Not exactly a light saber fight, but still,
it sure beats a poke in the eye.

It’s about the qualities you bring to your learning.

That is, asking yourself a radical question, “What is the quality I want to bring to this challenge of mastering seduction? What is the quality of energy, attitude, feeling and vibe I want to bring with me as I move towards mastery of these skills?”

You see, part of being a true seduction “Jedi” is knowing how to ask the right questions.

And I know, many of you might ask, “What do I really want to be able to do with Speed Seduction®? How can I make Speed Seduction® most quickly and easily work for me?”

Good questions.

But the best question is: “What quality do I want to bring to my efforts as I move more and more every day toward mastery?”

Do you want to make it about desperately and fearfully trying to master new skills and bring your old anxiety and fears with you?

That, My Friend, To The Dark Side, Leads…

My friend: the good side of the Force is all about bring the right qualities along with you as you move up the ladder of success with women, and about the daily practices that support those qualities.

Will you treat yourself with compassion, patience, and have the ability to be kind to yourself when you trip over your “light saber” the first few times you try this stuff?

When you practice with women, will you do it from a place of being “afraid of getting caught?” Or hoping she will like you?

Or can you do it from a place of believing, “no matter what happens with this woman, I’ll have fun and learn what I need to succeed, if not now then surely sooner or later. I can always have fun and learn!”


Can you find a place of compassion and clarity in your mind, where you can daily give yourself credit for what you did right, calmly correct mistakes, and mentally rehearse doing it right?

Can you daily bring consistency, patience, and vision to where you want to go even when things are at first not going right?

The experience of thousands of students says, you can.

And that you can have pleasure, enjoyment, power and fun with women beyond your wildest dreams…

…AND stay on the “Good” Side of the Force!

To which I say, “right on”!



P.S. Talk about becoming a Jedi: the language patterns and techniques you will discover have been specially designed to not only cover virtually every situation and setting… but they are also designed to make it seem like you are having an innocent, normal conversation!

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