Playing With The 4 “Attraction Energies”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the game of attracting women, it’s to keep them on their toes.

Just when she thinks you are sensitive and tuned in to her, become commanding. Just when she thinks you are commanding, become funny and playful. Just when she thinks you are funny and playful, demonstrate your vulnerability and genuineness.

The reality is, women need to be FRACTIONATED. Fractionated simply means to move them back and forth from one set of energies or states to another.

When you can vary yourself around different “vibes” or “energies” like this, it creates a great deal more responsiveness to whatever pattern language you might care to use.

Here’s how one student experimented with this:


I decided to play with one of my dance partners. She’s a 9 with incredible sexual energy.

Last night’s assignment to myself was practicing the four vibes and to some extent, EAIE(energy, awareness intent, extended). My victim-er I mean lucky recipient, was my dance partner.

First vibe – sincere – asked her about how her neck is doing (stiffness from computer work) and second vibe – authority in her world, massaged the back (briefly, like in Irresistible Arousal DVD) of her neck (demonstrating understanding of her pain) Third vibe – commanding – I fractionated by moving away ten feet, she followed me and instead of hugging, wrestled me playfully.

I switched to fourth vibe, playful back to sincere/vulnerable by yielding. She pins my arms back and squeezed her double D’s into my chest. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was testing to see how I would react.

As she moved away I asked playfully if they hurt(her breasts) since she pushed those knockers so firmly. She said a little bit, but it’s okay. I switched to commanding vibe, grabbed her wrist, turned her around, and gave her the same squeeze. No resistance whatsoever, just a smile. I now thank myself for doing the grounding exercises, Or I surely would have had a boner right there.

So I continued playing with switching vibes, and began to notice energy and state shifts in her whenever she wanted to be touched. Whenever I turned the energy up, she’d come closer and say something to provoke me. I’d oblige and give her a caress here, a tickle there, etc. There was a lot of kino that bordered on making out. My female instructor and the other two guys were dumbfounded to see what was going on.

Before any of you start throwing up as this is starting to sound like romance novel, what I learned last night was what some of the things Ross mentioned in the Irresistible Arousal Course.

Women want to feel a man’s inner strength. She wants to be upheld. She wants to feel like a woman. And the man who can do this is attractive, and she will come to you. I was amplifying her energy with mine, and I did without using language (although I did switch my tonality with each vibe). It was mostly intent and rapport.

Now, of course, this was a responsive woman. She already knows and trusts me. I’m not saying this will work all the time, but to see the SS principles in action as I was executing them is quite liberating. I got to verify for myself how real “vibe” is. I also discovered the non-AFC way of showing my emotions without being needy, showing strength without being “alpha.” Well actually, for some reason last night, she wanted the experience and she initiated the contact. I simply responded accordingly. I gave her what she wanted whenever she reached for it.

I know this is a very linear approach, but I really want to understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing them. I know this way is also very time consuming (elicitations, running a pattern, combined with anchoring would undoubtedly get faster results), but I want to have some flexibility. I also want a solid core belief, one that extends far beyond seduction alone, and that takes practice.”

RJ: Nice moves. I appreciate the last paragraph of your email most of all; this IS practice.

Understanding what you are doing and how and why it works leads to much greater results down the line, instead of hitting a home run the first few times at bat.

What I say about women and the 4 vibes or energies is T-R-U-E. It works. Full stop. Others may tell you only be commanding or ONLY be funny, but that, to continue the baseball metaphor, is like only having one kind of pitch.

And don’t be down on yourself for not doing the elicitations, anchoring or patterns. You are learning the pieces of the puzzle before you begin to fit them together. Good on you.

Peace and piece,


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4 Responses to Playing With The 4 “Attraction Energies”

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  2. Jo says:

    I was reading this, then my girlfriend popped up on skype. So i called her right away and tried it out. Needless to say, things are getting pretty hot before we sleep. Im surprised by how normal this feels.

    — okay mini update–

    She is seducing me over skype now and she is.. good. Well either way i dont want xxx with her over skype because i have an essay to do that takes priority but ill be darned if it isnt tempting to just drop it all…

    Thanks for this lesson Ross and sorry to hear about your friends, i hope they make it out of this situation safely.

    To all those reading and not convinced to the core, thats okay, dont beat up, often you have to experience it to be truly convinced and often it comes in that linear conscious way that lets you know that Its Real. Take your time, seriously i wish i could go back and tell the eager me that, take your time. Its an odd paradox where you expect quick results and end up having to wait but the second you let go and take the time to do things right you get the results immediately. With me it took a while before even the simple lessons took hold but i pressed on through the valley of darkness of doubt with faith in the techniques and sure enough, many realizations later, i feel normal with even the more tenuous aspects of it and im a wanted man. I am no Ross but i am a happy Joseph and to be exactly honest, i would probably be half the man i am today if it wasn’t for RJ and his advice and instruction.

    On a personal note, its not that easy to “feel” that your impacting anyone through the internet until people start to tell you but i have come to this blog in times of distress so many times that its hard to count. I really just want to say, thank you Ross, in a world of people that are largely inauthentic its refreshing to find someone that actually cares/understands/does the right things when it comes to seduction.

    Sorry for the length of the message, you’re awesome man.


  3. A M says:

    Ross, usually I open with intuitions that imply compliment and they say “bla bla bla… thank you”. I don’t like it. It’s like a creepy noise inside me, it let me think we are still at a social level and I’m hunting them.
    I suppose my focus, on them while they speak, is perceived lightly needy.
    Do you advise to focus outward and showing willingness to walk away since from the beginning of the interaction?
    not only after sex? stop stop I was jocking

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