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Ross Jeffries Articles
Want More Success With Women? Really? Get Outta Town!

Republished July 23, 2017 at the request of the Brain Dump Webinar attendees. ============================ Dear Seeker of Success, So, you’re reading this because you want to have more wonderful winsome women ride your baloney pony eh? Really? No way. Can’t believe it. You’re on the Speed Seduction® blog for THAT? Tell me another one. Or […]

How To Break Into The “Wolfpack” And Score!

Republished July 20, 2017 at the request of the Brain Dump Webinar attendees. ============================ Dear Seeker of Success, Ever had the feeling that you were an extra puzzle piece, when the entire puzzle was already put together? This is a question that gets asked all the time. Let’s say you’re out and about (bar, club, […]

Suggestion For You (Based On Yesterday): Online Dating, Outkicking Your Coverage, and Younger Women

Dear Seeker of Success, In the Q&A portions of yesterday’s Brain Dump webinars on “Radical Confidence” and creating your “Muff Magnet” Mindset, the following themes kept popping up: Gaining confidence when you feel you’re unattractive or she’s out of your league Meeting women online and communicating through typed (not spoken) words in a Sargy way […]

Is Today’s Sarge Getting Clobbered By Yesterday’s Sarge?

Dear Seeker of Success, Do you stop the Sarge too early? Was she giving you THIS look – yet you threw in the towel? Do you interpret (or choose to interpret) a woman’s seeming disinterest as a cue to Exit, Stage Left without even going through with the audition? Does one Sarge gone bad sabotage […]