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Dear Seeker of Success, As I continue working on my notes for my last-ever Speed Seduction® Seminar, I’ve added something awesome you can use. Since I have so much great stuff you could learn with me there should you ENROLL NOW, I can afford to share this one for free. It’s power-packed. It’s dynamite. And […]

False Time Constraints: Getting Her To Meet You Again

Dear Seeker of Success, False time constraints are a great way to persuade her to see you again. There’s a certain way you say it. To see how, including the nonverbals and intonation, click here: Peace, RJ P.S. This is just a two-minute snippet of the learning we cover in our live Speed Seduction® seminars. […]

This Mantra Helps You “Own” Your Seduction Skills And Talents

Dear Seeker of Success, On the road to success and incredible satisfaction with the women you most desire, who please and delight you in every way, you may encounter a few “bumps” (and not the kind that happen in bed). Stuff happens. Hell, S**T happens. People change their minds. Women change their minds. Life occurs […]

“They Told Me *I* Could Teach At Your Seminar”

Dear Seeker of Success, One of my awesome students who came to a live Speed Seduction® seminar shares how my teachings helped him increase his results and success with women – and his friends’ impressions of his improvements in this area. Notice the change in how his buddies viewed him also. Watch this video: Peace, RJ […]