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Ross Jeffries Articles
Can You Create Your Own Language Patterns?

Dear Seeker of Success, To truly grasp, harness, and master the mighty power that comes with getting all the women your heart desires, you must gain a firm hold on not only the patterns and techniques, but the manner in which these are created. Many students follow the patterns and phrases I teach and are […]

The Power Of Non-Needy Persistence, Part 2 (Implication And Curiosity)

Dear Seeker of Success, Yesterday, we explored how a student used a variation of “anti-flake” patterning to persuade a woman to respond to his e-mails after she had stopped doing so. If you missed it, here it is again: Dear NNNNNNN, I had not heard from you for quite a while so I just wanted […]

The Power Of Non-Needy Persistence, Part 1 (aka “The E-Mail Intruder”)

Dear Seeker of Success, Sometimes you can seemingly do everything right with a woman, but you still don’t get a response to your first message you leave for her. Or, you communicate with her for a while, then she just drops off without explanation. This can leave you scratching your head (or other parts) wondering […]

What Do You MEAN, There’s No Women For You?

Dear Seeker of Success, All too often, I hear guys complain there are no women out there. Usually, it’s a variation of this theme: “I just wish I could find a girl who’s right for me. I’ve had so much bad luck with women that I don’t know if I’ll EVER find a woman I […]