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Ross Jeffries Articles
He Blew His Chance: Now What Does He Do?

Dear Seeker of Success, Not too long ago, I received the following. My answers to this guy’s challenges could be crucial for your success with women, so read on to the end. Here is his post: Ok I have a bit of a problem here that’s similar to this I guess. I met a woman […]

The “Boyfriend Destroyer” – Why It Serves The Woman

Dear Seeker of Success, One of the patterns I teach is the “Boyfriend Destroyer” which you’d use when you approach a woman and she tells you she has a boyfriend. This pattern has some naysayers.  Here are a couple of them: “Doesn’t that make you a small man, having to go after someone else’s woman?” […]

Why Can’t I Say Bye-Bye To My Inner Shy Guy?

Dear Seeker of Success, Meeting and succeeding with hot, sexy women has its ups and downs. Not all of them are in bed, or on the couch, or at the beach. No matter how how much scoring with hot babes is a natural part of who you are and how you approach life, some Sarges […]

A Great Screening Question For Your Pick Up Women Success

Dear Seeker of Success, When you’re in a pretty playful, “don’t give a fuck” state, that’s a great time to go sarging. (I’ve found that the “I don’t give a fuck what happens” attitude is often a key component of my best discoveries, breakthroughs and lays!) So this one time, I was in the local […]