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Ross Jeffries Articles
What Happens When Her Friends Show Up?

Dear Seeker of Success, Has something like this ever happened to you? You approach a woman for the first time and open conversation. After talking for maybe eight minutes or so, one of her friends comes in. She starts talking to them. Next thing you know you’re out of the loop. If they don’t outright […]

Video: Finding the Right Motivation For Your Success With Women

Dear Seeker of Success, From deep, deep, deep in the vault, here is a live teaching clip on the topic of frames and motivation for your complete success with women: As you watch and realize how much you’d like my 30+ years and tens of thousands of hours of teaching, coaching and seduction consulting on […]

Are You Afraid To Have Seduction Conversations With Women?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student, More than once, I’ve heard from men who were scared to use my language patterns with women. Por que, you say? Well, there are a number of reasons: fear of “getting caught” worry about her laughing so hard her drink comes out her nose and the mood is ruined concern she […]

Ghosting: Why Does She Pull The Great Disappearing Act?

Dear Seeker of Success, Has a woman ghosted on you? It goes something like this. A woman you meet appears highly interested. You spend time together, then there are e-mails, phone calls, texts, and then perhaps you meet again. But then… …All Of A Sudden, It’s Like She No Longer Exists! When you call, her […]