How To Break Into The “Wolfpack” And Score!

Dear Speed Seduction® Students and Fans,

Ever had the feeling that you were an extra puzzle piece, when the entire puzzle was already put together? This is a question that gets asked all the time.

Let’s say you’re out and about (bar, club, party, wedding, etc) and it seems like everyone there is “with someone.” No one seems “single” or “available” and everyone knows someone…but no one knows you.


Looking around for that sultry vixen in the little black dress suggestively stroking the stem of her martini glass while giving you “the look“, you don’t find her.

Either they didn’t invite her, or…oh…there she is, laughing and have a great time with a group of her friends (both male and female).

So what are you going to do… 

… Sit There Like A Bump On A Log Fiddling
With The Sweetner Packets, Or Make The
Moves That Will Have You Bumping Uglies
With Some Beautiful Hot Babes?

Next time you’re at a place where everyone is in groups and you’re flying solo, try this.

Go to the table or area where the hottest babes are, where there’s also a bunch of guys. Go up to a couple of the guys and say “Can you let me in on your secret? You have all these beautiful women here and I have none. How do you do it??? If you’ll clue me in I’ll buy the next round of drinks.”

I coached a student to do this, and here’s the Sarge report I got from him:


“One of the guys replied that they were all just friends and he and I started chatting. I brought up music (one of my favorite topics) and caught the interest of one of the girls who happens to like my favorite rock star’s music. She invited me to sit with them, which I did for about 45 minutes. Great conversation…so great that she and I have plans to meet up alone tomorrow night!!! Up until now I have had difficulty “breaking into the wolfpack” so this is great!”


Wow. Good going.
The reason my student succeeded is because he didn’t try to “out alpha” the guys. Instead he put out an open, friendly vibe and turned the situation around to his advantage!

See what happens when you don’t accept fixed limits?

Now…the women are waiting. So, big guy, what are you waiting FOR?

Peace and piece,


P.S. That was pretty cool, huh?

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5 Responses to How To Break Into The “Wolfpack” And Score!

  1. Dave says:

    Hey Ross

    I was at my friends daughters wedding two weeks ago. I saw a group of two guys and four girls all talking at the party/reception afterwards. i was sitting with two other friends and their wives. i was alone. I walked outside to the mens room and when I came back I stood alongside the 5 set looking at my friends. When one of the guys in the set looked at me I smiled and said.
    “Hey, excuse me. Can you guys help me with something? You sound like your having a great time and I have to get back to my friends but I want to know what you think of something.”
    ‘Sure whats up?’ said a great looking brunette in the group.
    “Nothings up yet” I said, “but tell me what you think is the answer to this. If your TV and your DVD had a fight, which one would win?” I directed that question to one of the other girls and not the brunete.
    After a few answers like “the TV because its bigger” and “DVD because it could fire out a dvd and smash the TV screen so it was blinded” I said…

    “You guys have some really cool ideas. I was stumped for an answer over there when they were asking these questions. Can I stay with you guys over here? Its more fun.”
    “Sure” said brunette, “Theres a chair, sit here.”

    I spent most of the evening with them and when everyone was dancing, brunette (Karen) and I sat and talked. I ran some inner game stuff on her and a little time distortion. She came over to my place three days later and rode the purple pogo stick.

    All hail Ross.


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  4. Mike says:

    I love the article man and your perspective on it. I think it is wrong when all these other PUA artists say that you need to “alpha out” the other guys in the crowd. A little bit of charm goes a long way into getting what you want. Out “alpha-ing” the guy friends of the girls will make sure your night is horrible.

    I’m going to try this idea next time I hit the bars solo and see how it works for me. Thanks!

  5. Socialkenny says:

    I can see how this routine would be workable. Everyone (guy) wants to believe that he has that secret or that he knows something. So you’re basically stroking his ego by asking him such question as your student did in the field report.

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