Thu, Aug 16, 2018
Dear Seeker of Success, Once again, so-called “Valentine’s Day” is here. Once again, the Romance Racketeers are rubbing their slimy hands together with rapacious glee. Once again, let’s check in with the National Retail Federation. They forecast that this Saturday, the average American sucker will waste $142.31 on candy, flowers, tickets to the ballet, and […]
Dear Seeker of Success, So, you want to get her horny? You’re smart enough to know that blatant sex talk is probably not going to get you there. You want to move things to the next step, to pursue the next stage of intimacy), eliciting the states of irresistible arousal with what she really enjoys […]
Dear Seeker of Success,, When you don’t need to get laid, then you start getting laid a lot. I call this the Paradox of Poon. The thing about paradoxes is this… Certain things are a paradox on one level until you change the frame. Then you see the real power in how it works. In […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Listen up, while I share something super important to you. Just promise me that you’ll really consider how valuable it could be to your love life as you discover what I’m about to share. You see, I have come to see that learning how to be genuinely curious about a woman, […]