Fri, Nov 16, 2018
Republished at the request of the Brain Dump Community on August 25, 2017. ======================= Dear Seeker of Success, Want to have a threesome with two chicks at the same time? So many of my students either have, or want to, that I’m thinking of adding it to a “bucket list” of must-haves that every smart […]
She Likes Sex For Its Own Sake - What's Wrong With That?
Dear Seeker of Success, Is there something wrong with having sex with a woman, knowing or believing she just wants and enjoys sex for its own sake? Some men believe that ultimately he has to “pay for it” one way or another – often in the form of “proving” he’s in it for more than […]
Republished July 29, 2017 at the request of the Brain Dump Webinar attendees. ============================ Dear Seeker of Success, Here’s a question I’ve been asked many times: “How does one become truly valuable to a woman?” Uh. Valuable? Listen: I’ve always hated this “value” bullshit. “Valuable” as defined by whom? Measured by what units? How many […]
Dear Seeker of Success, It’s an age old problem. Boy sees girl. Boy walks up to girl. Boy Sarges on girl. But it feels like he’s working his Seduction ass off to keep the conversation going, yes it’s not getting him any closer to the part where… … Boy Nails Girl And Makes Her Scream […]