Sat, Nov 17, 2018
Generating Instant Fantasy (VIDEO)
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Here’s a clip from the 3.0 Course you’ll really like. Notice how I use a non-sequitur to get things going and then quickly move her into a fantasy scenario, with me inserted right into the fantasy WITH her: Talk about accessing her imagination and erotic emotions in record time…and opening up […]
Fractionating, Using Responses And Tugging On The Safe Door!
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Here’s a great example of how to combine 3-4 different concepts, tools and techniques together at the same time, effortlessly multiplying the strength and effectiveness of each in a combined “seduction strike force”! Watch how I bring anchors from a previous round of patterning back into play, and how I use […]
RJ Critiques Awesome Student Sarge!
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, A great way to teach you how to succeed with women is to let you see how it works in real-time.  A student of mine asked me to critique a recent supermarket pickup he did.  Watch and learn: Now, you too can get me, Ross Jeffries, on your side and in […]
Longtime Student Reveals His "Bullshit Shield" That Gets Him Top-Quality, Hot Women!
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Hot off the presses!  Here is a great testimonial video I just received from a longtime student. Click “Play” now and watch as he explains, in his own words, how he used Speed Seduction® to create an effective “bullshit shield”.  Also note his use of “implied compliments” and other techniques: Peace […]