Wed, May 23, 2018
Speed Seduction® Gets Him Laid With 16 Women, Including Three In Just One Weekend!
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Remember two days ago when I shared some ways that using my teachings gets you more of the type of women you really want to be with? Watch my interview with this student and learn how Speed Seduction® has him awash in the platinum blondes he really likes: Peace and piece, […]
The Pattern Shift That Helps Overcome Depression
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, What are two of the major aspects of depression?  What is a shift you can make that helps you reclaim your power? Watch this video if you’ve ever felt depression, now or in the past: depressedwithwomensmaller-desktop.m4v Peace and piece, RJ P.S.  Nail Your Inner Game is the best, most systematic, fool […]
6-Foot-2, Early 20s, Basketball Player...And He Banged Her On The First Date (He's 39)!
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Next time someone tells you that you’re too old, not tall enough, not handsome enough, whatever, to succeed with a gorgeous young athlete… consider the experiences of this student: Peace and piece, RJ P.S. Note his answer when I asked “how much did you spend on her?”  If you’re ready to […]
"You Should Watch A Bad Martial Arts Movie"
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, A student told me how he wants to get sexual with women, but something comes up that’s so strong, and he just can’t. In this video, I make a suggestion: Peace and piece, RJ P.S. This is just a sampling of the live, real-world teaching, in direct response to real […]