Sun, Feb 18, 2018
What Master Seducers Create In Women (That Sets Them Apart)
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, What’s the difference between an Average Frustrated Chump (AFC), a Seducer, and a Master Seducer? Click “Play” to find out… chumpsseducersmasters-desktop.m4v Peace and piece, RJ P.S. I stand by the quality and value of the teaching I deliver in my 3-day seminars so strongly, that I offer a guarantee my competition […]
No Arms, No Legs, And He Gets Laid! Speed Seduction® Student Tells His Success Story!
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, In this video, seminar attendee Kyle, born without arms and legs, explains how Speed Seduction® gave him the equanimity he needed to master his girl-getting game: kyletestimonialsmaller-desktop.m4v Peace and piece, RJ P.S. Kyle also shows us how using my teaching blasted him past surface-level thinking that holds men back claiming their […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Watch this video (right out of my Coaching Program): Is it possible to talk about something that sounds completely innocent, while subtly steering the conversation toward your bed (and her in it?) How do you use a seemingly innocent conversation to embed commands (fascination, connection, attraction, list) that get her hot […]
Patterns vs. Pick-Up Lines
Dear Speed Seduction® Master-In-Training, I often get asked, in e-mails I get from students as well as during live appearances on video chats and in-person seminars, what are some of the best pick-up lines for guys to use on chicks. Let me begin by stating: I don’t teach “pick-up lines.”  Speed Seduction® Masters-In-Training (MITs) use […]