A Father’s Day Message From Ross Jeffries

Dear Speed Seduction® Students and Fans,

I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads among our student community.

rossjeffries-personalIf you’re one of them, you hold the responsibility, the power, and – most of all – the honor of helping another person find their way in the world and claim their success at whatever they do….

…..in life, love, studies, sports, business, and whatever they set out to accomplish.

When your child claims their success with the person with whom they will share their life and brings you a grandchild, it will be testament to you.

It’s been several years since my own dad passed. I miss him dearly and honor his memory.

So, no matter what you’re doing or what terms you were on the last time you spoke, call your dad, visit him, whatever it takes. If he’s no longer with us, take a moment to reflect on his memory.

One way or another, he helped you reach your achievements thus far and laid groundwork for the success you will soon experience.

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

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