Feeling Ridiculous? (Maybe You SHOULD)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Does approaching women make you feel like Creepy Creeperson?

You can use that to overcome your fear of approaching women:

Peace and piece,


P.S. Using what I’ll teach you at the March 29-31 LA seminar, even the most formerly stuck-places will soften, and then just blow loose as you find yourself making progress fast, natural and easy, even when you face what use to be “defeats” or “setbacks”.

And remember, tomorrow (Friday 3/8) at Noon Pacific, the chance to get the footage with your registration ends.



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5 Responses to Feeling Ridiculous? (Maybe You SHOULD)

  1. Dan says:

    I’m writing this comment from inside a bookstore/coffee shop and I just had that self conscious “yuck” moment inside so this blog got uploaded at the perfect time.
    Thanks for being there RJ.

  2. Duke of wellington says:

    Like the opener, however why would a person have to worry about being arrested? Has the Anti Sex League unleashed a police brigade?

  3. sleight says:

    I like it.

    Paul, I have trouble running after girls I’d like to approach that walks past me. All approaches I do are from the front. Another guy I know and daygame with is just the exact opposite.

    I will do my best to learn from this vid and almost have that intent that I want to get used to that riducule sensation in my body and se if running after the hot girls will get a bit easier.


  4. Magnet says:

    Thanks Ross for sharing this. Great video. But, I’m wondering what’s in it to get arrested or to lead to trouble. It seems to be just another way to open.

  5. zarathud says:

    The truth comes out! They DO know why you’re approaching them!

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