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  • Rheo March 15, 2011, 9:58 pm

    I met this girl. We had an amazing connection and chemistry. She even went on to tell me, “When I met you I had a headache but after talking to you, its gone!” We talked about many fascinating things. I advanced physically at one point. She leaned right in. We cuddled for a bit when we were interrupted. Then she left. We wrote to each other. I expressed my desire with no restraint whatsoever. She replied to me saying, “Even you are present in my every breath. I have no choice”. I flew to where she was. We hooked up. We made out for 6 hours. At one point there was drama. Just before she left she promised to meet me, but kept me waiting for a long time. So I made it clear to her that I was mad at her and she shouldn’t have done that. She immediately apologized and hugged me and told me it wasn’t her intent at all to keep me waiting. We hugged and had a tender moment (not too physically intense as this was a public place) Then I come back to my city. She carries on her journey. I email her. No reply. I email her again. No reply still. Its been 6 days. And the only thing I do is detangle and recycle. Its what keeps me ticking! But yes, I have overwehelming pain because why after such an incredible time, love and a connection between us should she do this?

  • Mash March 17, 2011, 12:47 pm

    @rheo… Same situation … I believe thats what Ross says that women fractionate a lot for reasons unknown…. Dunno how do we handle this one?

  • Grey March 17, 2011, 6:00 pm

    G’day Ross,

    Without going into details I have also shared Rheo’s experience – full on, buying me presents, doing things for me, taking me out, cannot wait to see me —-then went out one night and then nothing, no calls, no response, — it is like she died or left the planet. What gives?

    This occurred in March 2010.

    So what gives?

    See Ya


    • Ross Jeffries March 18, 2011, 5:35 pm


      As they used to say on “The X-Files”: The Truth Is Out There Somewhere.

      But do we really have time to figure it out and dig for it?

      I’ve had these disappearances happen a few times in my career. Who knows why?

      One thing you can say: the person who pulls it isn’t being very kind or responsible in just disappearing without a word.

      Either they don’t care to communicate why(fuck them for being that rude) or they can’t do so(hope they are ok).

      Just something that happens.


      1. Her lover/boyfriend came back or they made up.

      2. Jail/drugs/disaster

      3. She’s been hurt or killed

      4. She found Jesus and he banged her really good so she’s gone off with Him forever

      5. Alien abduction

      6. Fill in the blank

      Bottom line: you have your skills. Move on and stop wondering about it. Ask God when you meet Her what the fuck happened.

      I surely don’t know.

      Sarge on,


  • Grey March 18, 2011, 6:11 pm

    G’day Ross,

    They say shit happens. This is likely to one of those instances. Thanks to you I do now have better and a greater range of skills.

    Thank Mate.

    See Ya


  • Rheo March 22, 2011, 2:12 am

    Ok so here is some news.

    After recycling my energy I did one extra thing. Affirmations about my beliefs about her, for example:

    **Its the tenacity and persistance with which you hold on to your beliefs about her which will make the difference**

    **Never Never never give in**

    **She loves you. Period.**

    **The only reason for her silence is that the intensity of attraction is too strong. Once it simmers her love will come like a flood to you**

    and so on…

    It did make a difference. After about 6 days I heard from her. The attraction was still there. Now she forgot to carry her cellphone which makes it calling me very difficuilt but she does try to keep in touch. I was in touch with her for a while. Then there was some rude behaviour on her part. I expressed my irritation. She apologized and melted. Then while we were talking the same topic (about her rudeness) came up again. I misunderstoodd her. Emailed her stating my intent to walk away from her. She called me. I told her to read her email and then call me. She didn’t. She wanted to keep talking, so we did. Then she reads my email the next day and mails me back saying “I need some time to process this. I’m upset, but I’ll be in touch.” I came to know that she had borrowed a call from a stranger to call me the previous day. I had totally overlooked that. So I mailed her saying that I do acknowledge her efforts to keep in touch with me and love her for it. Maybe all this was just a misunderstanding. One day up, no reply.

    So I have switched off my phone. That way if she tries to call and doesnt get me, she might have to make some more effort and email me. More effort on her part is good for me. I’ll do the same affirmations for 15 minutes every time I check my inbox. Thats my condition for checking my mail and not go into a negative loop if I see “No messages”. It helps. I’ll let you guys know what happens. If this works its solid proof that, the only thing that really matters is your beliefs.

    • Ross Jeffries March 22, 2011, 1:27 pm

      @Rheo It’s nice that you are building strong beliefs, and let me add one:

      You safeguard your morale and momentum at all times. You swiftly size up your womens’ potential and allow only those who are worth your time.

  • Rheo March 23, 2011, 1:17 pm

    Hey Ross,

    thanks for the belief. I have that belief along with the affirmations you gave us in the “Unstoppable Confidence” file, as a part of the Starter Kit. I do those affirmations every morning and they make a big difference when I’m interacting with women. Thank you so very much for everything. And by the way I heard from my girl again. An email this time. And what I saw was that when I expressed my fears and sadness about not having heard from her, she is even more nurturing. So I think its the 4th (Authentic, Vulnerable) vibe that she responded to. The big mistake that I made is not grounding myself and going back to my source after I felt the success with her. Instead of recycling and getting back and doing the things that I enjoy and then coming from that place into this relationship, I was constantly anxious to hear from her. But being authentic I told her about it and she was more nurturing than ever saying, “Love, don’t worry about us. Don’t perceive me from a place thats off-centre. You need to perceive me and come from the place of being a loving creator in the universe.” But I guess she is nurturing because she is already attracted and we got intimate physically.

    PS I also bought your “Nail your inner game” program and just finished listening to it. Its only because of what you teach that I had the energy to do the affirmations in the face of uncertainity and long periods of silence. But I still have a long way to go before I master the meditations. Thanks a lot Ross, you truly are a Master and its a great comfort even listening to your voice when the chips are down!

    • Ross Jeffries March 24, 2011, 9:07 am


      My pleasure.

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