Your Questions About My Sarge Report – Answered!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Those who have devoured my 4-part Sarge report have come to me with some awesome follow-up questions.

Stay with me while I dive into them now and illustrate in several ways the TRUE power of Speed Seduction®….

“She was 45 minutes late, and you waited for her?
Wasn’t that a flake? Weren’t you surrendering
control to her?”

ca_37698151_180In this case, I felt a “hard line” approach really wasn’t warranted.

Because her responses to me overall were very positive, eager, and I think she was genuinely running behind. I think she did everything possible to squeeze me into an otherwise crazy day because she wanted to see me right away.

In fact, when I first offered to meet, she texted me that she was busy that day, but how about the next day? (A “flake” would not say “today’s tough, how about tomorrow?”)

Plus I brought a book to read. I wasn’t some guy getting “stood up” looking like a desperate dingface. I was a regular guy having coffee in a coffee shop, reading a book, waiting for someone who was running behind – nothing more.

“Why did you ask the question about the things
about herself she finds attractive,
other than her looks?”

One student took 3 guesses and got all 3 correct (smart man, Robin). As follows:

  1. To get her invested, and challenge her. SHE had to give ME reasons why I should be interested in her; looks are not enough.
  2. She goes to college, so she’s somewhat younger than me. By stating that looks are secondary, I take away some resistance she might have when being hit on by an older guy.
  3. To set up the theme, and prepare her for the three things that I find important. Time’s an issue when you only have 45 minutes to Sarge, so best to jump right into a seduction topic than waste excess time with fluff talk.

“First time you met her, you did a number close.
Really? A number close?!?!?!

I KNEW this would come up, and my gratitude for those of you who asked. I wasn’t surprised by your questions.

In THIS situation with THIS woman, a non-threatening, promises-nothing, no pressure approach was my best bet.


She was a co-ed in college. I was probably older than her father, almost certainly looked older at least.

Go back to Parts 1 and 2 and watch how I set it up with language patterns embedded within seemingly normal, everyday conversation.

Unlike most “can I call you” situations that end up with a few frustrated dances after her phone “inexplicably” rings exactly one and a half times and goes to voicemail before the guy gets “the hint”, I got her meeting me.

What’s The Big Sargy Lesson Here?

More than a mere set of pick-up lines, Speed Seduction® gives you the tools and skills to apply the teaching to THIS situation with THIS woman in a way that makes sense RIGHT NOW.

It’s calibration. It’s vibe. It’s adaptation.

Peace and piece,


P.S. We’ve just added over 60+ MORE videos to the Speed Seduction® Secret Training Collection, chock-full of this type of laser-focused, topical teaching, including modules on how older guys should Sarge younger women (and vice-versa for you cougar hunters).

More videos means we’re about to raise the price. Get over there and GET YOUR ACCESS KEY right now!


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5 Responses to Your Questions About My Sarge Report – Answered!

  1. John says:

    Hello Ross.

    I have a stupid question: most pickup “gurus” says that you must be yourself, you should not use any technique… and if you have some “inner peace” or “inner happyness” the thing will happen. You’ll get laid. They teach some kind of ‘natural game’.. but in most of cases does not work. Most of time if you play cool she will play games with you…

    Do you think this kind of thing work, because in most cases, most man are cool… they are not afraid.. they have jobs.. they are cool persons, but the womans does not give them chances to know who they really are. do you understand me?

    i think we need something to bypass the critical mind , open her mind and show that we are a cool option… please talk about that.

  2. Kevin Spriggs says:

    Lay report next week?

  3. A M says:

    Ross a powerful one: dreaming vs daydreaming then you stake reality and inside the overall didactic theme she starts daydreaming with your theme of indulgence…
    To teach it easy: to be really empowered by SS tech, design a metaphor/structure were you link the tools of SS to the tools of the student hobby.. you play golf? vibes are 4 clubs, opener is the first shot, and so on… better if the student find his subjective linkage (I evolved a memory method adding structure…)

  4. PUA Redsky says:

    Good to see the father of pick up lines is still in business. I’ve always been a big fan. Great resource here!

  5. PUA Redsky says:

    Good to see that the father of pick up lines is still in business. Great resource!

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