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  • Diño August 18, 2010, 1:44 pm

    I believe the fastest way to become a speedseducer is to BECOME a speedseducer. I mean, is understanding that SS is not sth you learn as a traditional learning, memorizing and spiting everything back… it´s sth once you realize what it is about, you start BEING. This means that what he´s doing wrong is exactly thinking that he´s “trying phases”, what he´s actually doing is DOING the phases and should be learning from each experience, therefore there´s no failing, only growing in skills and irrevesibly getting closer to his goals…
    Btw, thanx again Ross for this blog and for your sharing these stories

  • DANNY August 18, 2010, 5:09 pm

    College town here. Girls down at the pub are so starved
    for good solid sexy convo, that when he walks in, they crowd
    around this 60 year old guy just to get their ears full.
    I swear to it. Ross is straight telling truth. Yes, it
    is indeed likely that one will get laid with que cards.
    But be carful. Those young college jocks, will start
    swinging, when they get drunk. My nose is proof.

    • Ruben December 23, 2013, 4:56 pm

      The answer is Kung Fu San Soo! Responding not reacting to incoming. It’s about stepping at his flinch and ending his shit without rules BECAUSE he came at you with no rules. Kung Fu San Soo because there are no rules in street.

  • Mat August 18, 2010, 7:37 pm

    Hi Ross,

    Last night I was at a math class and when the teacher dismissed for 5min. break I saw this particular girl that had this sexy gait.. I could just tell she was a creampieable (before seeing her face et. al. feats) ’cause rarely can ugly girl walk like she did.

    I then notice as she walked right pass me out the door she had this wonderful scent/perfume on. I walked out the door and followed after her and got her attention. I told her as she walked pass me I smelled the scent and I wonder what it was. She said it was called, “Love spell”.

    I responded, “Well, it sure worked because it drove me toward you and I found it very attractive.”

    Immediately she responded, “I have a boyfriend.” and started walking away. I shouted, “You’re crazy! I didn’t say anything about that. I only wanted to compliment. Bye.”

    She then stopped and thought for a second and said, “Oh!”

    I walked off and let her go. (it was very dark outside and I wasn’t gonna run after her in the dark across the parking lot)

    Well, all I can say is that I sure hope her boyfriend is hott and fulfills and fucks her in all the ways she truly wants to be touched.. but either way, I don’t care. Next time I see her, we won’t remember each other and b/f will probably be non-existent. 😉

    Didn’t get to sarge today but sure will meet some nice, new flesh tomorrow! =)


    p.s. Ross, I really think there is a scarcity in the female population. I swear to Thor, the ugs far outnumber the princesses. If I ever become dictator.. I’ll make it illegal for ugly people to procreate. 😉

  • Mat August 18, 2010, 7:46 pm


    That chick with the cigar is kinda ugly in the face. But for some reason I would still enjoy fucking her. Like jizzing on her breats. I’m sure she would be a lot more prettier in the face and younger if she didn’t smoke. I hate when chicks smoke.. (unless in moderation and not around me)

    • Ross Jeffries August 19, 2010, 2:31 pm

      Mat – Ha ha ha – it’s a phallic symbol!

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