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  • A M July 10, 2013, 4:21 am

    Rapport….. What is your theoretic definition of rapport??? I’m serious…
    Not how to create it or how you know you are in rapport…
    My best one would be: when someone’s mind have a temporary configuration functional to interact with other people and sharing the same frame; usually relevant beliefs are also shared.

    So we could be in rapport:
    first, if we have a common definition of it;
    second, we have a definition of rapport that is different and we think that everyone experience rapport in his map differently, or
    third, If we have the same definition and a belief that everyone have a different one… so we could be in rapport distrusting each other,
    going on to infinite
    With my weird definition we are always in rapport, and as a seducer we must create the right one.

  • ZaraThud July 10, 2013, 6:49 pm

    That somehow got me motivated today. On my lunch break I picked a Salad card for inspiration, “What would it mean if you weren’t ___ about that?” Walking around Target I recalled a bit from Nail Your Inner Game about being so powerful you’d have to pretend to be shy and it occurred to me that I’ve already been doing that so I said so what if she does get scared. Thought that’s a nice little insight, but let’s test it out. Saw a cute blond by the milk and decided to talk to her before I knew what to say. Walked up and asked if she had any acidophilus milk, I guess modeling Alan from 2 1/2 men. She said she actually worked for Kemps, not Target and went on to tell me all about the Organic cows. I paid attention and asked some intelligent questions, but past starting a conversation with her, I wasn’t really firing on all cylinders, and couldn’t steer the conversation to anything more interesting. Decided to bail and told her to check out acidophilus milk. She said she would right then and started to look it up on her phone and asked why I’d stopped by. I said, “I just wanted to say Hello. Have a good one.” Got back to my car and saw her strutting by, looking happy enough. My very quick rundown afterward was right back to this post. “So what got you interested in this area? It sounds like something you are very passionate about. Was there a moment when you knew this is exactly where you want to be right now?”

  • dick July 11, 2013, 12:00 am

    i’ve used the “what was that first moment of discovering you had a passion for x?” question before. and i really liked the responses she gave. passion was her trance word(that’s why i used it) it’s strange, things are a big deal when i dont get it. yet when i actually use this stuff and actually see that it works better than what ive done before, the energy is different. anyway, i used to think these newsletters/blog things didnt give out good info, but now i realize that the info is just as good as the info i bought from you. except that im impatient and i would rather buy the products and get the information all at once than just wait and get it in small pieces. these newsletters/blog things are a good thing. thanks again for doing what you do

    • Ross Jeffries July 12, 2013, 10:07 am

      Of course this stuff works. The big challenge is that it is not what is normally seen or heard, so you have to keep reminding yourself to do it until it becomes a habit.


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