Do You Really Give A Damn? Maybe You Should (Part 3 – How I Got Her Feeling It)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Recently I showed you how showing genuine curiosity can help you score with smart chicks and succeed with intellectual women.

Plus, I gave you an in-depth lesson on becoming curious about women, the right way.

Would you like to see it in action?

Thought so.

And now…

Watch Me Don My “Smart Chick Seduction Cape”
And Put This In Action

I knew a woman who, so it seemed, I never could get into bed.

She was a painter, and I had a huge thing for her. I just couldn’t see what was getting in the way.


But then, I got a flash of inspiration and said, “How do you know when it’s time to paint?”

She gave me a very interesting answer.  She said,

“I feel something in my hands. My hands tell me. I feel a charged sensation in my hands.

Before I even see anything, I just feel it in my hands. My hands go to the canvas, and I start sketching or painting. Then the imagery comes to my mind from what my hands put on the paper.”

Now she’s feeling sensations and putting her hands places.   🙂

All because I asked a question a certain way.  See how that works?

And that, as they say, sure beats a poke in the eye.

Here’s The Thing….

When you ask women questions about their deep processes that are part of their passion, they have to go into that part of their mind and run that process on some level.


That evokes all the passion and fun of feeling what she enjoys and it creates deep rapport.

Develop your curiosity about others and your own world and watch how women get interested in putting their hands on YOU.

…Now, Would You Like This Power For Yourself?

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Including how to make her squirt.


It’s 100% instant online access so you can have it in less than 90 seconds from right this moment as you are reading this sentence and moving your mouse right here and clicking.

Operators are standing by.

Peace and piece,


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2 Responses to Do You Really Give A Damn? Maybe You Should (Part 3 – How I Got Her Feeling It)

  1. The Bush With Legs says:

    Hi All,

    After MASS-SARGE I come to realise intellectual women turn me on the most. Especially because they respond to, huh, intelligence. …I’m quite the painter myself, and you know, when you really see the picture forming in front of you you don’t even need to finish before it grabs you immediately and shows you, what it is you are really are creating. …now,…show me a dumb ass that will show you that!


  2. ZaraThud says:

    OK I’m really horrible at memorized lines, except for the well practiced believe that I’m really horrible at memorized lines. Funny how writing or speaking can trigger a different understanding than just thinking something…

    What I was going to say is that while I haven’t used any canned lines recently, I did show a lot more curiosity with my hair stylist the other day.

    I was kind of looking forward to the chat and said a very friendly hello and she was totally brusque telling me to wait a couple more minutes. I almost stalked out in righteous indignation, but I really do like her work more than her company and the thought of finding a replacement calmed me down so I stayed.

    When she came back and asked me if I was ready, I said, “Are YOU ready?” and took my time standing up. From there the conversation continued in the same vain. She asked me if I was the guy who’d told her about something or another and I wasn’t so I then refused her request to remind her what I had told her last time. All if it was friendly, but not at all a put-on. I was a little irritated and let it show, but when she did remember what I’d told her last time, that started a whole new direction about what it was that triggered her memory and that got interesting…

    Funny how matching mismatching by mismatching is still matching. Bet they don’t teach that little nuance in “Rapport” Building 101!

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