How To REALLY Insult A Woman

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Listen: flirting with a woman and her taking it the wrong way pales in comparison to something you might do (or not do) that will REALLY offend her:

Peace and piece,


P.S. Properly sexualizing the conversation with a woman means you may not even have to “make a pass” at her.

Click here to claim your total mastery:


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5 Responses to How To REALLY Insult A Woman

  1. Adis says:

    hehe I told a girl wayyyyy back like,: Im going to give you a compliment, Her: what? I got a boner. It sounds weird when I write it in english, but prior to that we have been seeing for a while so saying that was easy, ouhh and she laughed a bit :), this video took me back.

    • Zarathud5 says:

      Opening with that would generally be considered more insulting than ignore-ance.

      • A M says:

        If a woman thinks “guys are horny animals without taste”, it’s right. If she thinks “He desires me and he is shy” she feels ok. It’s her model of the world… But if you show interest in her ugly friend you interrupt the mental pattern and she could desires you…

  2. The Gnome Chomsky says:

    So ignoring a woman, either out of politeness or whatever, is the most insulting thing of all.

    You’d have to be in a hypnotic trance to believe that.

  3. zarathud says:

    Good point. (That’s what she said! ahaha!)

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