Hypnotic Trance: What A Clock Tells Us

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The building blocks of ordinary reality have a huge impact on your learning.

In this video, ripped right out of the MindFrame Persuasion® course, I share an example of how this leads to new levels of understanding:

Peace and piece,


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11 Responses to Hypnotic Trance: What A Clock Tells Us

  1. Glyn says:

    thought i was listening to Bandler for a moment. Great stuff

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  3. October says:

    Well said!

  4. Mat says:

    Oooh yeah! I’m gonna steal this, RJ. It’s soo true (e.g. the 6 means, 30.. what??)

    You look very healthy and vibrant in this video, btw.

  5. Mario H says:

    Man you didn’t finish talking about the clock thing in the video , you’re killin us here and by the way i must admit your lessons or i prefer to call them advices are out of the ordinary
    Huge Respect

  6. zarathud says:

    I really like that course because it separates the skills, from the “goal” of getting laid. It’s almost comical how things change by letting go of the desire while going after it more than ever.

  7. Hans says:

    Interesting – good example.

    So why cut off in the middle of a sentence and leave out the end?

  8. Hi Class,

    I’m With Zarathud…It is comical…And if it wasn’t fun it wouldn’t be Speedseduction(R).

    I said my peace,


  9. a m says:

    The next pattern will be on the phonetic ambiguity 12hour06/12hour30 and dwell our sex, dwell your thirsty.
    You anchored time to you? What does it mean?

  10. Russell in the Bushes says:

    Not to rub my own rhubarb, but I have already used the basics of speedseduction(R) with employers and landed three jobs so I am a busy bunny, although, maybe it’s time for me to take it to the next level with ”MindFrame Persuasion”.

    By the way, I still find the time for meditation, running and language patterns every day which makes you realise that time may not be an object and it’s what you do with it that reality makes a difference to your success.

  11. Oleg says:

    I think that being continuously exposed to things we don’t understand eventually turns on the circuits within and allows us to begin to understand them. It took me 4 years until I could speak English when I was a kid and understanding how a clock works took me a while as well, digital clocks were a big help.

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