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  • Joseph K November 20, 2012, 9:17 am

    Recently, I looked over a website which featured a recent high school reunion of mine out of curiousity. What I found out later on was that some of these people were divorced, several doctors were divorced, another guy had a criminal conviction for violating a restraining order by his ex. I was at my class high school reunion a while ago (big mistake never again) and rememember the former HS quarterback was there with his hot girlfriend. What I found out later was that he wasn’t at this latest reunion because he mysteriously died in his sleep leaving behind a wife and kids and a VP position at a bank …so much for the “american dream”

    The point of the educational system for the most part isn’t to get people to want learn passionately, but to condition people to submit to an artificial authority figure, to segregate men and women into roles that suit soceities needs (that is a why men and women in general stick to themselves in bars etc), to support cliques and social hierarchy ,and to create various ranked groups based on “intelligence” to channel people into various professions (there is a reason why the USMC recruiter goes after people with school labeled lower intelligence and other people go onto college). I have learned far more from the internet and college (to a lesser extent) than what I learned in the “educational” system.

    Having said that, why would someone want to go back to potentially give rebirth to all those pathological anchors? Do survivors of
    Auschwitz go back for a reunion?

    I doubt it…

  • raj November 21, 2012, 2:19 am

    When one looks between the lines as RJ has just done all the inaccuracies point back at you and so just changing the direction of all that energy and focus on them allows one to align themselves to the actual flow of the experience and actually learn what they need more easily.

  • A M November 21, 2012, 6:11 am

    WOOOW!!! She is the only one so he could go and meet tons of gorgeous models with a no care attitude, isn’t the oneitis curse amazing?

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