Interview With Kezia Noble: Deep Connection, Busting Bitch Shields, And The Power Of Relief And Respect

Dear Speed Seduction® Master-In-Training,

I can hear the flack I will catch already.

“RJ, why in the fuck-tard are you promoting/supporting/endorsing a female “Pick Up Artist”?  Don’t you frequently warn us that women are full of shit, that we should never ask women for advice about women, etc etc etc?”

Well, yes. Usually. Almost always.

And….and….Kezia really does have a different, honest and mostly powerful perspective on what works with hot women.

Now listen: she teaches a lot of stuff for clubs and I don’t operate in that environment. And because she came from a “PUA” back round she still throws out some of that jargon, like “negs” “IOI”s. etc.

But when you get past that, she’s got some really deep, valuable and well-conveyed insights into the psychology of hot women, the games they play, how to turn those games around 180 on them, and get the hot poontangus you desire.

In this interview, I especially want you to pay attention to her concept of getting women to drop their “mask”.  We go about it a different way, she and I, but it gets the same result.

Here is the interview and I welcome your comments and feedback.

530x436 - FullScreen

Peace and piece,


P.S. As of now, I don’t get one penny from anything I recommend by Kezia, although I expect that shortly to change. I am seriously thinking of doing a one day jointly taught event with her in LA, titled, “Deep Connection and Sexual Escalation” as you will hear us discuss. Let me know what you think of the idea. It would be end of August, early September and we’d keep it very inexpensive so we could get a good audience to film for a product.

P.P.S. Kezia’s website can be found right here.

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27 Responses to Interview With Kezia Noble: Deep Connection, Busting Bitch Shields, And The Power Of Relief And Respect

  1. Diño says:

    “As of now, I don’t get one penny from anything I recommend by Kezia”

    But i´m sure she´s worthy to get some pennys from me…

    I just couldn´t resist

  2. tsh says:

    Well, I must say that interview was some impressive stuff, and I did already visit her page and read through the freebie material. I just wonder if there would be any way to get interview in plain audio (MP3, perhaps?). The video is kind of heavy to stream, and because you can’t jump into specific position, you need to go through it in single session. I would think this is main reason why there isn’t many comments for this clip.

    And yes, event with her would be great idea.

  3. Markus says:

    she is good. she is the lost sibling of the Jeffries family. lets hope she aint following the family tradition when it comes to prize. if not she just got herself a new customer. thanks for bringing her up

  4. Chris says:

    Holy cow you two working together sounds like a great idea! If any product were to result from this, id buy two copys! Good luck.

  5. H says:

    Hi Ross, I get an error message saying “This video is unavailable”.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      Hi H, our apologies, the video was working right up until the second the e-mail went out – Murphy’s Law. Should be fixed now. Please refresh and try again. Our apologies

  6. frank says:

    no video here either…

  7. H says:

    Hi Ross, this time I don’t get the error message but the video screen remains black. I’ve tried refreshing a couple of times. I don’t think the problem is on my side, since everything else works fine, including your welcome video on your main page of

  8. brent says:

    Wouldn’t something like “does it ..bring a smile to your face… everyday?” also be an embedded command ?

  9. Britt says:

    talking about the fat girls getting hit on and the hot women not getting hit on. I think it has to do with the bell curve. Average people are at the peak of the curve – the uglys to the far left- the hotties to the far right. I see BEAUTIFUL girls at my school going out with chubby ugly dudes and think to myself wtf- but biologically speaking the average tend to be the most easy to approach and scientifically speaking will be around the longest (survival of the fittest).

  10. Sean says:

    She sounds perfectly horrible,

    She says shes a bitch an having listened to the interview she sounds like a bitch, I’m inclined to be leave her.

    Wisdom 😉 If it looks like dog poo an smells like dog poo and has a sign on it that reads “DOG POO” go ahead an taste it if thats your thing !!

  11. Art says:

    When she was talking about the girl loosing up, and being less tense, it made me think that does you being tense psychologically allow the girl to relax? because it seems when I am too relaxed the girl becomes tense

  12. paul foster says:

    Ross, I’m curious. When you say that you believe Kesia is an attractive women, are you referring to the gestalt that is Kesia? Is it her appearance? Is it her aloof manner or tone? Do you think her seemingly indifferent attitude makes her desirable, because most men are looking for approval from an indifferent women that they can project as their own indifferent mothers? If so, it would say a lot about the difficulty many men have in obtaining and maintaining relationships of any kind.

  13. James says:

    You definitley must make that connection/sexual acceleration DVD with her for us. You’re very good at getting specifics and details from her. The vague generalities that she tends to use are little help, and even useless to the point of frustrating. You could probably make several DVD’s with her that would be very helpful to us. Beyond just getting the girl aroused, like how to actualy close the deal to the point where we have the girl in bed and don’t mess things up the last minute after we got her attracted and aroused.

  14. Mat Wilson says:

    Ross, wtf is the matter with you?? Screw your projects with Kezia and instead.. screw her! Please make a porno with her where you creampie the fuck out of her! Just think.. you could be like her father and she could be like your daughter!


  15. Zufrieden says:

    Ross, please, post next video in other format. Quicktime made user to download 35 mb file, then install 150 mb program, which could conflict with other already installed codecs.

    Your previous videos played just fine without any additional installations.

  16. Gary says:


    I’ve watched most all of your interviews and have friends that have bought your programs, which I’ve watched most of.

    And I have to say that Kezia is one of, if not the best women you’ve showcased to provide a counterpoint perspective (i.e. a woman’s point of view)about the male-female “meet-greet, mate-date” synchronicity.

    She’s strictly a “Weed and Feed” woman (she weeds out the weak, and she feeds the strong if they know how to open the “bitch-mask” door….and partake). That’s probably due in part to her heritage of being British with a direct succinct personality. As she said in this interview, I would say “you are my type woman”. I know this because I’m dating a classy British woman. She is beautiful, but more importantly, she’s classy…..and she knows it, but doesn’t flaunt it; much like Kezia; she’s got it, she knows it, and she is!!!!

    It’s sad that so many women here in the US want to play mind games and believe they’re empowering their positions as “goddesses” to men when in actuality, they’re destroying it.

    It’s been my experience that European women, especially the attractive beautiful ones, are very succinct and engaging…..if you can get through that “bitch-mask” door. My first adventure with a European woman was French, and now the second which is British.

    I definitely think you and Kezia should do a video together. She brings a fresh counterpoint perspective that compliments what you teach….and there’s nothing better than hearing the unbiased, unjaded truth from a beautiful woman!!!!!

  17. Chunk E Geez says:

    Great stuff! Thanks, RJ & Kezia!

    I do have one note about aesthetics, though. If you have two people in a video-recorded conversation… and you choose to show only one of their faces all of the time… and one of them is our “moderately handsome” RJ, while the other is a hot woman…

    …then please, SHOW US THE WOMAN!


    Seriously though, thanks guys… You’re genuinely cute together 😉

  18. anthony says:

    im still a bit unsure about kezia, ross . mainly because she worked with the that con artist known as richard laruina . ive read half of her book but im still unsure

  19. Justin says:

    The point when she talks about ‘respect first’, then attraction is where she diverts quite considerably from the very powerful use of language patterns (even the most simple) and anchoring which you teach Ross. Kez has a very straight forward approach, and is not generally open to you or others using hypnotic patterns on her. However, I appreciate her approach is also refreshing in the PUA community.
    She is spot on in joining your approach on use of voice tone, pace and vibe….
    Great interview Kez and RJ

  20. ersa says:

    Could you be more sleezy? lol
    Its good to compliment but not that much , i smell AFC in you Ross haha

    Good interview!

  21. sleight says:

    @ersa: go fuck yourself.
    You don’t know a thing, Ross is a genious when it comes to how the mind works and how to create solutions with women, he’s helped me a lot.

    Ross your video isn’t functioning because I don’t have the quicktime plugin required, can’t install it unless I wan’t to install it manually over 30 mb which I don’t.. Would sure like to see the vid.

    Take care!

  22. Chris Hohl says:

    I just got her Deep Connection. She’s onto it. Very Powerful stuff. I also think easing into deep connection perfectly supplements your stuff. Your more about blasting her away with a damn cannon,(only impeccable vibe can do that) but deep connection opens her up subtly so shes ready to get shot to the moon. You to guys working together is a savvy idea. Please put it on tape Ross!!!

  23. jack says:

    Are you serious ross you sound like an pussy whipped afc! Mate if you call her hot your kidding. She could eat an apple through a tennis racket her teeth are that bucked. Ross did really hit on something that this twit is really really insecure!

    Is this what this industry coming to??? I have lost a lot of respect for ross trying to get laid by plugging an female afc???

  24. Tommy boi says:

    kezia is so straight foward …

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