The Intrusion Principle, Applied To Sarging

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The simple act of “shaking hands” with a woman you’ve just met can have a big impact on your Sargy success, when you apply the Intrusion Principle:

Peace and piece,


rapidsuccess200P.S. This video is just one of the 35 guerrilla videos contained within “Ross Jeffries Hands-On”, a bonus “Launch Only” course included when you claim your access to Rapid and Total Success With Women before Monday, September 30 at Noon Pacific.


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3 Responses to The Intrusion Principle, Applied To Sarging

  1. sleight says:

    Cool Ross. I’ll try this, nice explanation.
    I usually hold hand longer than usual.
    I always end with in a very spontanious and slightly granting her access to me way, after looking like I’m considering weather I actually want to or not, “We can have coffey some time” and almost shrug shoulders a tad (almost not noticably).
    Then stay quiet and keep your ground and wait for a positive answer. Then when she says yes just grab your phone and say “Ok, so whats your number” or “Ok, I’ll take your number. It’s 07” (or whatever 2 first digits in phone number generally are.)

    Ross, could you clearify how to frame the date? I kind of wanna bounce them back to my place, but if I only say go for coffey it kind of ends there. I’ve started experimenting by saying “we could watch a movie at my place and hang out there, cause I have home cinema 😛 but I’d like to meet in you city first ok?”
    What you think?`

    Thanks buddy! Very cool you’re still at it 😉

    • Thanks for sharing @Sleight

    • ZaraThud says:

      Yeah, I quit trying to “meet for coffee” a long time ago. Response I got always seemed like, no to “cheap date.”

      I guess what I have found is that just going to coffee shop or anywhere else I can sit and assess the situation seems to bring more opportunity than walking my old ass around, which gives me more of a desperate vibe – desperate to sit down!

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