“…It Just Baffles Me!”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Even more proof that when you invest in Speed Seduction®, you get so much more than just a set of pick-up lines; you get a proven system that gets you sustained results with your women that you truly desire, on-tap whenever you need it.


Check out this awesome note I got from one of my longtime students:

Hi Ross, how are you? I hope all is well!

The reason that I’m writing to you is to explain the experience I have had with all the other crap (So called Gurus) that is out there, but to be fair…it’s not all crap…..just 99.999 percent of it is!

I started out years ago using your system which has evolved and has expanded quite considerably. My success rate was extremely dramatic with your teachings and guidance.

In fact my success rate was so remarkable to me, it just baffles me!

I was curious to see if anyone else in the seduction field had anything else to offer and I have been greatly disappointed to say the least. All the other people I had wasted my time listening to,  just do not have the intelligence that I’m used to hearing, while listening to you. Anyway, I tried their methods with a very marginal degree of success which I found very discouraging.

Many women I have encountered really just want to know in so many words if I’m going to be a good provider for them ( I.E. job, income, house, car, bank account, etc…) I have it past my neck with their bullshit qualification tests!

I have decided Speed Seduction® is the only route for me and I’m ready to bypass their conscious bullshit to get to their honeypot. There is ONLY ONE GURU and his technology has changed my life beyond anything I have ever encountered and you’re on his website now if your reading this.

Thank you Ross!

Brent Douglas
Delray Beach, Florida, USA

RJ here.  Brent, thank you for your kind words.  I am honored to be of service to you and proud to see your success.

For everyone else:

The women are waiting. Now what in the name of Kristin’s khakis are you waiting FOR?

Peace and piece,


P.S. Start mastering the skills right now! Claim your Rapid and Total Success With Women and immerse yourself in the teaching starting right this minute, because it’s 100% online-access.


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