Low In The Pocket? You Can Still Light Her Rocket!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the biggest blocks to mastering the skills and claiming your results with the women you truly desire is just that – having blocks.

Maybe you’re overweight and thinking you need to lose a few before women will find you attractive, so you’ve stopped Sarging till you tip the scale a bit less.  (Question: did you know that many hot women specifically like larger men?  Why are you denying them the chance to bring pleasure into your life?)

Could be that you aren’t having women over to your place because you’re worried they’ll think you live in a dump.  (One of my students had this worry, then he discovered that women love the view from the balcony of his 1-bedroom apartment.)

Or, could it be worry that women might not give you the time of day because you don’t have much coin in your pocket at the moment?

Let’s hear from someone who has the money concern:

> Hi Ross,

> First off thanks for the legendary seduction pack, it is a must read for EVERY guy, no if buts or maybe’s!!
> I’ve done my homework in reading your books and hearing the live seminar sessions, from there its easy to see and understand that you don’t need a ‘massive wad of cash’ to get laid and even on an extremely tight budget, this does not stop me from meeting the women i want…. It restricts my options when i try to escalate because i end up with an eye on the numbers and the most dominant thoughts on my mind just bring themselves to the front which kills my states from within every time and annihilates my chances with her… but I have to be real here, we live in a capitalist world, and a lot of things revolve around money… My cash flow crisis is a temporary mid term setback, but a man still has needs that he shouldn’t have to pay to get….
> Anyway moving on swiftly to matter at hand….The long and short of it is i have been successful at bringing the kind of women i want into my life applying the 3 S’s but escalation is proving a major stumbling block on empty pockets, or at least i just haven’t learnt how to skip over that one yet… I have applied all the advice in the seduction pack into my daily routine, and meeting new women is a fun process for both me and the girls i have tried it on……not to brag but I have not yet had a woman slap me for starting a conversation….no matter how crude the chat up line….
> What advice can you give me for handling this , ” I’m broke, no woman will want to come near me” mentality or similar scenarios you may have encountered?  RJ if you’ll forgive the pun…..I need to know how to turn these women out with turning my pockets inside out and looking like a charity case to these modern independent women that will gladly treat me, if only i know the right way to put it…..
> help
> down but not out

RJ here. I can’t tell what you mean by “escalation”. And if a woman is hot for you – if you’ve captured and led her imagination and emotions in the right way – escalation can be, “why don’t we go somewhere a little more quiet where we can relax and focus in?”

You don’t have to spend money on a date – that’s all crap in your head. And if some women DO want a guy with $$$ to go more than a few rounds with them in bed – oh well.  There are plenty who won’t care so much.

The women are waiting.  So what in the name of Ben Franklin are you waiting FOR?

Peace and piece,

P.S. What else is holding you back?  Whatever it is, I have a foolproof system that will help you blast past any and all stuck points with women.  Click here to claim yours right now.

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2 Responses to Low In The Pocket? You Can Still Light Her Rocket!

  1. Rj
    I’ve got a question that is the flip side of what you posted about. What happens if you already have status (but not fame) money (good job but not rich) are not ugly but pleasant to look at (maybe even handsome)with regards to using the NLP patterns (not so much the other aspects like not supplicating etc)? How do you know how much heavy artillery you need?
    With some women all you have to do is show up and they are ready, and others you have to use pattern language to break down resistance. Other times they are ready, and the patterns are overkill (like the classic buy me a bottle of beer “hey bartender” story you tell now and then).

    I notice that sometimes if a women is in a relationship, sometimes you need patterns to pry them open and away, but other times you fry their circuits because they are already into you but they don’t give any overt signs to letting you know where you stand

    How do you gage how much to “pour it on” based on a person who aleady has some attractive assets?

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