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  • Rj
    I’ve got a question that is the flip side of what you posted about. What happens if you already have status (but not fame) money (good job but not rich) are not ugly but pleasant to look at (maybe even handsome)with regards to using the NLP patterns (not so much the other aspects like not supplicating etc)? How do you know how much heavy artillery you need?
    With some women all you have to do is show up and they are ready, and others you have to use pattern language to break down resistance. Other times they are ready, and the patterns are overkill (like the classic buy me a bottle of beer “hey bartender” story you tell now and then).

    I notice that sometimes if a women is in a relationship, sometimes you need patterns to pry them open and away, but other times you fry their circuits because they are already into you but they don’t give any overt signs to letting you know where you stand

    How do you gage how much to “pour it on” based on a person who aleady has some attractive assets?

    • Ross Jeffries April 28, 2011, 3:17 pm


      You can’t know in advance. Only way? Calibrate to the woman in front of you.


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