Maintaining Motivation For Your Macking Mastery, Part 1

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the biggest challenges in mastery of muffin macking is maintaining what I call realistic motivation and informed enthusiasm.


As I’ve taught and best teach in my latest(and last ever) home study course, Rapid And Total Success With Women……

In An Area Of Life That Has Been Challenging And Painful,
Old Stuff Is Going To Come Up!

Painful emotions and ways of seeing, thinking and feeling will arise when you go to change simply because they have momentum.

I’m sure you are aware of Newton’s Laws of motion, aren’t you?  (Isaac Newton, as well as describing the laws of motion and gravity lived into his 80’s and died a virgin!  Poor dude!)

One of these laws simply states that objects in motion tend to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, and objects at rest tend to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.

It’s the same with your old patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.   They have what I call cognitive momentum and emotional inertia.

So in this series, over the next few weeks, I want to talk about that and the solutions I offer.

Let me tell you about one solution that I gave to a client who hired me for a private Skype session.

After talking to him for a while, it became clear that he was viewing it as too much of a task to go out and meet women.  He was feeling stuck, as if he was pushing through resistance.

My answer was to tell him to, at least for a while, stop making it about getting results with women and instead, aim at the great feeling that comes with breaking through a boundary and a barrier.

In his case, I told him to do the following:

  1. Go to where there are attractive women.
  2. Take on a totally absurd approach that had nothing to do with being successful with them, but instead about giving him a sense that he has broken through a personal imitation.

sultry-woman-1I told him to walk up to a woman and say,  “Excuse me, but I’m testing my ability to handle feelings of terrible humiliation and horrible embarrassment.

So in 15 seconds from now(I told him at this point to look at his watch) could you please either coldly ignore me or viciously, brutally verbally assault me?”

I instructed him to then, no matter what her response, notice whatever flow of feeling arose in his body and to just stand there with it until he noticed it went away. And at the moment of it going away, to say to himself, “gone”.

I told him that, no matter how she responded, HE wins, because he’ll experience the thrill of breaking through a personal limitation, through, paradoxically, NOT trying to be successful with or caring at all about the woman’s actual response.

(Oh yes; I also told him, no matter what she said, including if she was friendly and open, to say “thanks” and walk away).

Bottom line: when you are feeling stuck:

  1. Switch to something totally absurd.
  2. Change the meaning of what you are doing so it’s about you winning no matter what or how she responds.

Let me know what you think.

Peace and piece,


rapidsuccess200P.S. You’ll notice I mentioned my Rapid And Total Success With Women Course.

I can honestly tell you with both pride and sadness that, after 25 years of thinking about and teaching this subject, it’s both my last and my best on this subject.   I’ve poured over it after working on it for nearly 2 years and have decided that I simply cannot polish this diamond any further.

So if you want to grab my final words on the subject(and the very  best and most complete representation of my teaching check it out here.

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7 Responses to Maintaining Motivation For Your Macking Mastery, Part 1

  1. Zarathud says:

    Does the absurdity have to be provocative? Are you opposed to the safe,normal and everyday standard of breaking the ice for those of us for our who are already struggling with the freaking women out more than being a outright afraid of them?

    • @It’s not required; but I like to test women to see how they respond to something a bit off the wall, that is also not
      threatening. If they lean into it, they are of interest to me.


      • ZaraThud says:

        Somehow it seems less threatening after your reply. This really hit a nerve yesterday because the one time I set out to use it several months ago I had a really bad reaction. I realize now that the target and context may have made it a little threatening, not to mention my own state of unrest.

        Here’s what I’ve done instead a couple of times, just to have some experience of observing her response and walking away without making it a big emotional even:

        “Hey can I ask you a question?”
        [I wait for her to reply – it’s always been positive.]
        “What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when someone says to you, ‘Can I ask you a question?'”

        The answers have been, “Directions?” and “What’s the question?”

        Not one has said, “Pickup, sales, etc”

        I don’t know if there’s anywhere else to go with that one. It’s satisfied my curiosity that there are women out there who are not spring loaded to pre-reject a decent guy who approaches them respectfully.

  2. A M says:

    Amazing post as usual….
    I also use this synesthesia to get rid of bad advices and learnt limitations, I love it because it’s powerful and fun at the same time: I create a situation and I associate a terrific wind of dump when they start talking. Then I visualize and enjoy a reality according to the new unleashed beliefs.
    “She is too young for you, she has a boyfriend, my friend likes her too, she shouldn’t desire you….blah-blah ….”
    I love this “give the finger breath visualization”
    I think it’s a kind of magick.

  3. charlie says:

    I used that on my way home from work just less than an hour ago. she just looked away, as though she was trying to understand what I just said, gave a cute smile, looked at me, and said, “I don’t know how to do that, sorry” and walked away. I said thanks after fifteen seconds. I lost my watch at the library so I had to use my fingers.

  4. ZaraThud says:

    I’ve had two women in the last 3 days coldly ignore me without being asked, which is rare. The second was in the lobby waiting for car service so there was no escape for either of us. I felt the disproportionate rage, let it pass and eventually did get a conversation going with her when she walked out for a minute and came back I said, “Just couldn’t resist my sunny smile, could you?” [blah blah blah] asked her what she did and answer was lingere design. Couldn’t get the wording right on the curiosity question for that to really engage her (tried 2-3x), but that’s a recent post I can review…

  5. Isaac says:

    Willing to try something and having the will to make mistakes is better then doing nothing at all 🙂 I like to think of it as a win win situation. If you approach a girl and whatever happens happens, good or bad…thats better then not approaching at all then hating yourself for it.

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