Running Short On Time? This Makes Her Want To See You Again (And “Destroys” Her Boyfriend Too)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Life gets in the way sometimes.

make-her-want-to-see-you-againHow often do you meet a hottie, but there isn’t enough time to do a full Sarge before one of you has to go?

Maybe you’re Sarging in an airport and her flight is about to board, six minutes after you met her at the passenger lounge.

Or perhaps you’re on your lunch break and you have to get back to work – staying employed IS important, after all.

Any of the above sound familiar?

The good news is: not all is lost.

Get Her Eager For The Next Episode By Saying
“To Be Continued” The Right Way

Let’s say you’re in the situation where you’re enjoying talking to each other, but you don’t have any more time and you have to go.

You can say,  “Look, I know we haven’t had that much time to talk. You obviously have to get going, and I’m very busy, too. I’ve got to get going.”

Or “I know we haven’t had that much time to talk. I’ve got to get going. You’ve got to get going. What steps can we take to make sure we get to talk again?”

Simple enough?

Now, Let’s Add A “Stealth” Boyfriend Destroyer
(Just In Case She Happens To Be “Taken”)


“Look, if you’re not with someone who’s with you in the way you truly want them to be, maybe we owe it to each other to hang out a little bit.” (When I do this, I’ll be that strong about it.)

Or “I don’t know what your social situation is, but if you’re not with someone who’s ringing all your bells, maybe you owe it to yourself to spend a little time with me and see what you might be missing.”  (Even stronger.)

Yep, now she’s got that “ideal boyfriend” checklist out….and she’s using it to see how HE measures up.

Pacing And Suggestion:
A Sargy “Time Bomb”

doggy-bowl-dinner-look-for-you“I don’t know what your social situation is.”

That’s a pacing statement, because it’s true.

If I say to a woman I’ve only spoken with for 20 or 30 minutes, “I don’t know what your social situation is,” am I telling the truth? Yes.

Now, hear the suggestion “…you might be missing” inside the phrase “Maybe you owe it to yourself to spend a little time with me and see what you might be missing.”

Hear that time bomb ticking on her real-hate-shun-ship with her boyfriend?

Stand by, for her mounting your baloney pony.

Peace and piece,


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3 Responses to Running Short On Time? This Makes Her Want To See You Again (And “Destroys” Her Boyfriend Too)

  1. H says:

    Hey Ross, sarged a girl. She said she had a bf and was really very confused. So I just said, “Okay maybe you can get back to me after your confusion lifts up”. She agreed and said, “I’ll definitely do that”. This was 2 days ago. Then this morning, her bf turns up at my place, trying to confront me. Nothing really bad happened, and I told him that he should be claryfying the situation with the girl, not me. I told him, “I don’t even know you, so don’t tell me what I should do. I don’t owe you an explanation.” Is there better way to handle this situation? I’m not seeing the girl aymore because she seems to be a drama queen and so I screened her out.

  2. A M says:

    A female shrink says women cheat for many reason:
    -something is missing in the relation
    -lack of emotional connection inside the relation, o.k. old stuff
    -she wants to be cought by the cheated partner (this one looks like the hot version of the ljbf)
    -last but not least: in this case you don’t need to destroy the bf
    the fourth reason is, in simple terms, that she is failing at the social level (job problems, family…)

  3. Ram says:

    With your language you make William Shakespeare SHAKE! Great tips Ross.

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