Off Your A$#, NOW…

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

(This is what I’ve “warned” you was coming…)

Listen: I’m really tired of guys sitting on the fence when it comes to their success with women.

And as a teacher, I’ll do ANYTHING to get you results.

I’ll teach by example.

I’ll offer lots of encouragement.

I’ll use metaphors to unconsciously create change.

I’ll kick your ass and put a boot in your butt, IF I HAVE TO.

Now, one way to really stick the boot in is to point out what you’ll LOSE if you don’t take action.

If, for example, you hesitate to approach a woman, you lose just a bit more of your confidence that you can and will ever do so.

If you hesitate to get physical, you’ll lose another chance to build that skill (and most likely go home and masturbate).

Are you with me so far?

So for all you damned fence-sitters, free-loaders, and those who just haven’t yet seen the value of really getting my best recorded courses and collections, here comes a giant boot in your butt.

Click here or you WILL miss out >>>

Be there or be at the square dance with Rosie and her sisters.

Peace and piece,

Paul Ross
(The Artist AKA Ross Jeffries)
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S. Remember, those who motor-vate fornicate. Those who hesitate, masturbate.

Are you a master of your success or a master-bator?

One more time, click here to be motor-vated >>>

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One Response to Off Your A$#, NOW…

  1. aldo says:

    Paul, could you give us more information about your new SS 4.0?


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