Watch Me Pick Apart A Woman’s Online Dating Profile

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Look: I am not a fan of online dating.

However, a lot of you are demanding more teaching on it.  Plus, members of my Coaching Program are adapting my teachings to online dating (as long as they follow a few simple rules to steer clear of Let’s Be Friends-Ville).

Watch this video where I show you how to “use what she gives you” online:

Inside the Vaginal Victory Vault, this video is the first of the six in the “Extras” module.  The MP3 and Transcript are there.  Plus 120+ other videos and a lot of other great teaching.

Peace and piece,


P.S. If you already have the Vault and haven’t logged in for a while, do so now and you’ll see a “members only” 50%+ discount on prepaid monthly coaching, where you get at least 5 NEW videos just like this one …. EVERY MONTH.

If you don’t have the Vault, is this all the more reason to get off the fence, get off your ass, and claim your instant access TODAY?


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12 Responses to Watch Me Pick Apart A Woman’s Online Dating Profile

  1. Ray says:

    Ross, Thank you, so much. This is Powerful Stuff. More! Please!
    A woman is basically Emotions, feelings & Words are So Powerful.
    Thanks again. Ray B.

  2. Stache says:

    I also like the potential ambiguity: …someone who.. seize you, just as you are…

  3. zarathud says:

    Slipped a New Direction right into the title!

  4. Clifford Campos says:

    Your teachings are great and very effective I use them with great results. Own most of your courses great stuff …..Man,but could you lay off the “I don’t believe in the bible stuff…it sounds just like the ones who are always preaching about it…Thanks,Clifford Campos,Carson City,NV

  5. Clifford Campos says:

    LOL…Oh,what the hell…LOL

  6. Roy Engstrom says:


    Satan and I are not on speaking terms any more after I went down and borrowed his favorite hot babe. Turns out she was uber fertile, but the hole thing sort of Panned out. Yet sometimes I feel like a goat herder as the little fellas always stuck in a rut.

  7. Satan and I are not on speaking terms any more after I went down and borrowed his favorite hot babe. Turns out she was uber fertile, but the hole thing sort of Panned out. Yet sometimes I feel like a goat herder as the little fellas always stuck in a rut.

  8. Jo says:

    Best part is the “women who don’t define physical characteristics respond strongly to Value language and are (highly?) suggestible.”

    I did not notice that 😀 in hindsight it makes sense since they have so many trance words it must mean they have a stronger connection to useful trance states. (sometimes i feel compelled to call them hallucinogens since trying to understand them causes me to see things that are not there)

    –Unrelated to post–

    Ross i had a weird experience, in your unstoppable confidence tapes the bonus tape has something about future lovers. I actually had an experience similar to this in that i defined the girl i was looking for and i met her. From what i remember the prerequisites was.

    (*note* i don’t yet have proficient enough self modeling skills to find out all the modalities bla bla bla)

    1) the definition of her as ideal, this was not stated in words as often i lacked words for the feeling. Further i felt ‘this is real’ and truly what i want.
    2) A sense that god (higher power) will allow me to have it.

    3) the genuine congruent trust that my intuition would guide me in the moments that would allow me to have the encounter.

    4) NO EXPECTATION, i simply felt it happen as if that’s how it is, i didn’t think it was going to happen tonight, i just thought, WHENEVER she is around and since i had no time frame to think within, i forgot about it like a cloud moving by in the sky.

    immediately after, i went into an intuition autopilot so to say, i just flew about the place (my university campus at night) in “adventure mode” where i try out options that are novel yet will get me to the same destination (home).

    then within 40 mins of this, after making about 6 no maybe 7 decisions that i wouldn’t have otherwise made but felt a strange compulsion to follow (and naively so i did). I met up with a girl that matches my exact description in every way the feeling was very much the same.

    The only thing now that i am worried about is that the fact that she makes my chest tighten up a bit. I remember you saying something about how falling in love, even though it can be pleasurable, it hinders your ability to seduce.

    do you have any recommendations?

    PS. your valentines day thing was funny and i learned lots! somehow made me think of jesus and the 10 lepers. hahahhahahahha you keep walkin on water Ross and keep walkin!

  9. john Silver says:

    Ross, could you kindly add the webadress to every link in your newsletter (eg. weekly kickass girl getting lecture) as since some weeks links are not any more served by some freemailproviders. So the only way to see your lectures/blogs is to copy/paste the adress and type it into the browser. Thanks, J

  10. ja_hy1 says:

    Ross, at the end of the modified Incredible Connection after- share and cherish – could you put “naturally”?
    Could you put naturally,NOW? Just wondering. Thanks, J

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