Putting Raging Lust, Desire, And Horniness In Its Place

Dear Speed Seduction® Students And Fans,

Let’s say you’re out and about and walk-up to a hottie and really hit it off.  Or, you’re at a party and your host’s best friend is an HB10++++ and she smiles just right while hanging on your every word.

For s$%@s and giggles, maybe you’re online and chat with a woman, seeing her on “cam” verifies she actually IS hot, and she’s just so flirty and cute and 10 minutes from you and agreeing to meet you, in the succulent flesh, firm booty and huge tits and all, for coffee the next day.

All of these scenarios make you feel good.  Hey, nothing suck-seeds like suck-sess, and few things crank up the dial on a sunny day like a beautiful woman’s smile when it’s meant for you.

Problem, though.

You start to feel a new state coming on…then it erupts within you like a volcano.  Next thing, you associate her sexy eyes and twinkling smile and the way she says “babe” in her awww-shucks way…

… and are consumed by RAGING LUST, DESIRE, AND HORNINESS that obliterates any and all other feelings or senses.

Clearly, this is NOT a good state to come from when approaching women.  You end up getting invested in the result of bedding HER (rather than “interested in the woman” and “invested in sharpening your skills”) but, nevertheless, there it is.  BAM.  Your girl-getting game and experience goes out the window and it’s a very, very short ride to AFC-Ville.

How Do You Put Carnal Desire In Its Place So You Get Her Back To YOUR Place?

You realize it.  You need to get yourself into a calm, centered, powerful, playful, exploratory place, or the only good those desires will do you will be to give Jimmy a fighting chance in the hand-to-hand wrestling match you’ll have in about an hour while thinking about her.

Yet at the same time, you want to USE and CHANNEL that energy that arises from this “desire states” to HELP you get the results you want.

Here’s a quick exercise you can do, at that moment, to get these desires working FOR you, instead of just working you.  (NOTE: this requires a certain level of self-awareness and if that’s an area where you need changework, you want to check out Nail Your Inner Game).

  1. Ground into your feet. Bend your knees slightly and feel your feet pressing into your shoes and the ground pressing back up through your shoes/feet
  2. Tune into the lustful feelings and see if you can find the edge or border where they fade out into almost disappearing. Then hold your attention on the very border/edge of the feelings, just before they disappear. That will help.

Think about it.  Your mind full of raging lust, desire, and horniness…. or HER full of raging lust, desire, and horniness as she presses her succulent body, firm booty and huge tits and all, up against you?

Peace and piece,

P.S. Understanding how to fit all of your thoughts, actions, responses and ideas with women into the right frame – the frame of NEVER supplicating, begging or “asking”, but instead, offering challenges, structuring opportunities and eliciting/evoking processes is the single most important key to getting at least three to four times more women.  Learn more about this right here.

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4 Responses to Putting Raging Lust, Desire, And Horniness In Its Place

  1. Mark says:

    Hope Chicago made the list. After all, if I were to say to you….it’s not necessary that you imagine what would it be like to really reconnect with that place that offers so much… getting to see all the amazing sites, being totally captivated by the many, many attractions Chicago has to offer… as you allow yourself to let those feelings of wonder get stronger and grow… let me ask you…would you feel compelled to put Chicago on the list right now with excited anticipation…or would you just have to ponder a bit more how much enjoyment you would get out of being in a place like that again? 🙂

  2. Thomas Harris says:


  3. Mark says:

    Excellent! I’ll let everyone know the good news. Looking forward to getting the dates

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