Reclaiming Your Dominance With Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In this video, I talk about what it really means to be dominant with women. And remember, being able to be as comfortable being dominant and aggressive as you are devoted and adoring is a key to being wildly attractive with women…

Before You Even Open Your Mouth And Before You Even Master The Speed Seduction® Language Skills

Here’s that clip. Tell me what you think:

Peace and piece,


rapidsuccess200P.S. This is just a sample of what you’ll learn in my course on “Showing Up Attractive,” which is a main component of the Rapid And Total Success With Women system.


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10 Responses to Reclaiming Your Dominance With Women

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  2. Jamie says:

    Sounds very accurate of the “nice guy process” of thinking do I hear the rest of the video with the solution ???!!!’

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  4. D says:

    No Sound No Audio

  5. Ivo says:

    Great explanation.
    In how many movies have we seen the role model of the nice guy who is always there for her and is willing to do everything just to please her. Carlos Santana: “I could change my world to better suit your mood”. To please the random mood of a moody woman who he barely knows? Has she done this for him already? Of course not :). PATHETIC.

  6. Joe says:

    That is exactly my reality- I find myself shutting my own self down during a conversation with a woman and walking away nervously. It has been a waste of life for me to miss out on so much joy because my programming shuts myself down.

    Uncle Ross-
    How do we really touch and heal the subconscious mind to remove those negative patterns of programming?

  7. ZaraThud says:

    Setting your own boundaries – by testing hers and taking that into account – relieves her from the responsibility. Far from making her uncomfortable, if it is done correctly, she will actually relax because she know she can trust you to take care of that.

    (diagnostic omitted: ~”boundaries” -> this)

    • a m says:

      Actually a nice guy annihilates himself.
      Naturals have got a strong desire to enjoy the moment with the girl, it is a powerful safe-conduct that they know, apply and communicate easily…
      No one would walk away nervously while is having fun!!

  8. soul says:

    Ross, my question to you is : When people deliver patterns whether if it is one sentence pattern or a forbidden pattern do these patterns affect the person giving them as much as the target? You hear all time its like giving the kid dynamite, and “every action has a equal and opposite reaction”. if they do what about if the person giving the pattern remains in his body or stays present?

    P.S. Honest reply and ill sign up for you monthly call

    Thank YOU, soul

  9. michael charapa says:

    Ross, I totally agree, being dominant is the number one attribute a guy should be when he’s around woman or his girl. It is to be just that – to be in control of his emotions, I think woman call that confidence and I hear woman say it all the time they like guys that are confidant.

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