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  • Mike January 19, 2017, 1:31 pm

    I know I don’t live in Sausageville but sometimes it seems like it. Any given grocery store or Starbucks is kind of lean on hot women who aren’t with another guy, have a ring and a kid, or with thier mothers/parents, which points to them being either high school or college students. And of course, those that are either high school or collage without anyone else. Now, if I think they could be college age I do walk up and screen but half the time, they are high school and disqualified. All this does undercut the “so many women to choose from” mind set and places a higher value/scarcity to the women I do meet. How does one cultivate that mindset when, at the moment, the enviroment doesnot pan that out?

    P.S. At a Starbucks at this very moment. 90% guys, one almost definite high school girl (mousy) and a mid 60’s, but stylish woman who had these large, round earrings that I commented on and struck up a brief conversation with (just for practice).

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