When “Get That Girl” Drops Down To Granny Gear (“I Want To Take Things Slow…”)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

You’re THIS close to getting her mounted on your baloney poney, or initiating the Tongue-Joust Of The Year, or what have you, and she drops it on you:

anxious-woman“Uh, I want to take things slow. Can you understand?”

Before I begin: part of discovering her truth behind this statement depends on her facial expressions, voice tone, and other things unique to THAT woman in THAT scenario at THAT moment.

Speed Seduction® is powerful because rather than just a set of verbatim pick-up lines, it gives you the tools and thought process to figure out what to do in each individual girl-getting situation, ’cause they’re all different.

So let’s look at the question…

Why Did She Shift The Seduction Express
Into Granny Gear On You?

There are a few possibilities that I can see:

1) She means what she says. Either because it’s always been this way for her or she’s had some really bad experiences getting sexual quickly and they have made her “gun” shy. But she does mean it.

That doesn’t mean that “love” to her means a guy who is totally agreeable and follows her time table either. “Love” could mean a connection to a guy who doesn’t take her first or second or third answer as being HIS answer.

2) She means it on one level and on another she doesn’t. Remember my maxim: I seldom take a woman’s first response as written in stone.

In this event, she DOES want to fuck you, but she’s afraid of being hurt or being pressured.


3) She gets turned on by guys who don’t take her protestations seriously and she needs to get rammed, hard, and to see some serious aggression from you.

4) She’s actually already fucking someone else who happens to be away for a while or who is ignoring her. So she wants some nice male attention and some closeness to keep her feeling good about herself while the guy who is fucking her senseless isn’t around.

Bottom line: “Who Knows?”

The Real Answer Is…

How do YOU want to handle it? How do YOU want to respond?

What is the vision of yourself that you can bring forward with your responses, even if you don’t “get” this particular girl?

Peace and piece,


P.S. If you knew how to turn 20 minutes over coffee into hours of hot sex, by the numbers alone would you be spending less time in the slow lane?

Good news: Speed Seduction® Rapid and Total Success With Women contains the golden key to this knowledge, and so much more:rapidsuccess300



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4 Responses to When “Get That Girl” Drops Down To Granny Gear (“I Want To Take Things Slow…”)

  1. Domenick says:

    i have been in this situation multiple times this past year. 1 of 2 things have happened.

    1. ill say to her “i dont want to feel pressured, i dont want you to feel pressured lets just do whats comfortable for us.” and then well make out, finger..then sex..

    1.b ill make her laugh and changed the subject put the lights back on and go watch TV and once she is laughing again and comfortable…go for it and it usually works.

    2. she starts crying, acts really wierd and never see her again no matter what i say….

    i dont know why number 2 happens..its only the girls that appeart to be looking at me for a sense of “im the answer to their problems” or “the ones that are completely sexually inseccure and lost” the adventourous and wise girls usually lead to answer 1.

    this is my experience

    • roma says:

      blinkin’ top class – to summarise – play with finger and then move “Up” the scale or – she’s got some deep issues that need a shrink – gottit – great one there

  2. Zarathud says:

    #3 intrigues me. I’ve met women who seem to be like that as a defense, basically so the guy is totally responsible for whatever drama it is they believe they need to reenact, and yet I can imagine a very desirable woman being the same way simply due to total self-confidence and boredom with guys who are looking for reassurance or validation or anything other than really getting with her.

  3. Rio says:

    In this situation, it’s typically because the girl in question is juggling dudes (which is typical), but where one of the men she is seeing is most likely the “committed” boyfriend/husband who she doesn’t want to cheat on because she needs whatever financial support he is giving out. Likely, it’s the so-called “ex” who is clearly still in her life otherwise she wouldn’t have mentioned him in passing usually.

    … but she’s there, in your bed, playing dead!

    The woman is looking to “cheat”, but in order for it to not count in her mind, she needs responsibility for the act to be abdicated away by you. That way she didn’t “cheat”, and it’s all YOUR fault (no, it isn’t really)

    The reason why the woman is crazy is that she’s trying to juggle all this commitment nonsense double-standard in her head while her body is telling her to sleep around. Pretty hard for most women to stay sane doing that.

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