Sigils, Talismans, Jewelry… And My Vajra

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Picking up where we left off with last week’s video about the power of sigils in Magick and meditation, now let’s explore some of the common points of confusion surrounding sigils – oh, and when you click Play, I’ll show you my Vajra:

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

P.S. Come to our Magick, Meditation, And “Non-Local” Influence Seminar on July 28-29 and I’ll walk you through the process of building your own sigils, right then and there.


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5 Responses to Sigils, Talismans, Jewelry… And My Vajra

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  2. Adis says:

    I have to ask who\”s Debbie?
    I have heard you using that name countless times.

  3. Ross, it is not enough to say you are a genius. I recently starting sarging after 1 year off. I too am smart and remember everything. It is like riding a bicycle, sort of (?) Anyway I have been using synestesia and RST and if is incredibly powerful.

  4. DukeD says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this. I’ve been making sigils for a while now, and your discussion about sigils for personality really cleared some misconceptions i had. i made some sigils for some personality traits, and then wound up overthinking it because i also wanted to do visualizaiton exercises for those traits. what you said about thinking about them selectively really cleared that up for me, thank you

  5. Luke says:

    Your an evil genius Ross and I went on a date yay me.

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