I, Ross Jeffries, Hereby Declare A “State of Sarge”

Dear Seeker of Success,

What’s worse than being in that “not so sweet spot” where you’ve met a woman, and you don’t know what to say to her?

ca_94040792_180There she is – right in front of you, this incredibly sexy hot babe who, up until now, you never in a million years DREAMED would be sitting right next to you, hanging on every word you say. Yet…

… you can’t find the friggin’ words!

Rather than dazzling her with smooth banter, you’re internally going berserk while hoping she doesn’t notice the 24-pound giant cat that has sunk his claws into your tongue and stretched it all the way to the floor like a flaccid fruit roll-up.

Later the “right words” will come to you, all right.

While you’re back at your place, alone, imagining what it would have been like to score with her.

Well, all that’s about to change.

Effective immediately, I hereby declare a “State of Sarge” because it’s time to …

… Get Into The State For Conversating, So
You Don’t End Up M*****bating!

Many guys find they don’t have a lot to say when she’s right there, because he’s “been there” before. Say the wrong thing, or even say the right thing but with the wrong pitch, and she’ll drop you faster and harder than an 18-pound bowling ball comes crashing when dropped off an 18-story building.

When you find yourself internally whining to yourself about girls who “shot you down” on the playground in third grade, you’re not going to be in the state of Sarge that gets you to home base with the woman who’s here, right now.

Instead, close your eyes, relax, and alter the “shot down” state you’re in. Visualize the results you’ll be getting when having the right conversations with women. Focus on how you WANT things to be and the way you WANT things to go, and the chances are you’ll get there a hell of a lot faster.

ca_36858504_325Have you recently had a Sarge that went horribly wrong? Does it seem like your overall “batting average” with the ladies is in a slump? Do you find yourself so wrapped up in what went wrong, that you can’t vision things going right?

When you find yourself reflecting on “Sarges gone bad,” I challenge you to focus on what went RIGHT.

Then, release any worry or angst about the “dumb things you said or did” and the moment when she gave you a dirty look and walked out on you.

Because now, it doesn’t matter.

Stay focused on where you WANT to go (that being, back to your place for a night or weekend of “screaming with ecstasy ’till the neighbors call the cops, mind-blowing” sex)… and with that vision as your guiding force, you’ll get there faster.

My skills. My results. My satisfaction. My world. Mine.



P.S. Since enjoying damn near ridiculous levels of success, satisfaction and pleasure with the most amazing women around is something you are highly interested in, then getting involved with the “New Code” system could be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

It’s time to get that friggin cat off your tongue. Click here to learn more and get yours now!


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3 Responses to I, Ross Jeffries, Hereby Declare A “State of Sarge”

  1. ZaraThud says:

    Praise be to Sargie! I did a little more information gathering tonight.

    Stop one I was ready with a line, but by the time she came by I’d lost my enthusiasm. So I asked myself, “What changed,” and I answered myself, “Let’s find an opportunity to deliver right away and compare the difference.

    Stop two she was borderline hovering, but it gave me a chance to deliver my line with urgency. I don’t think that my voice sounded too urgent – her reply was whatever.

    The difference is that I wasn’t thinking about the outcome at all. Not a “good” outcome, not a “bad” outcome, just the urgency to do what I set out to.

    “The action is the outcome!”

  2. Trever Allen says:

    I full heartedly believe in the precepts and principles taught by Mr. Jefferies in using NLP to magnify your own qualities to the end of attraction. But I am married and find that I can elicit short acting feelings of arousal in my wife with no long term success. I morally don’t feel good about cheating but struggle with the strong need to have sex. I am lost, I don’t know if there is a pattern for long term relationships or if I should double think my marriage because patterns are needed to get the little occasional sex I get now. Any thoughts or direction?

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