Stop “Doing” Language Patterns (If You Want To Do Her)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Again and again, until I’ve gone blue in the face, I’ve explained that if you simply recite pick-up lines word-for-word, there IS a chance she’ll laugh in your face or say something mean.

woman-laughing-at-youThis chance increases when you fail to calibrate your verbal and non-verbal communication and the way you utilize language patterns, touch, sexualization, and several other elements, to THAT woman in THAT situation.

Failing to do these things makes it like you’re reading a silly poem from a dumb book of poems on subjects she couldn’t care less about.  That’s not very Sargy, now, is it?

Now let’s take this one step further.

When students tell me they do language patterns, in those exact words, I say “you’re doing it wrong.”

Here’s what I mean:

Language Patterns Are Not Something You Do.
They Are Something You Share.

To repeat: you don’t “do” a language pattern to a woman.  You share with her.

Let me explain a couple of things about patterns to help you get it…

First of all, when I say “pattern,” you understand a pattern isn’t necessarily a long recited speech. It can be. An example of a pattern can be the Incredible Connection pattern.

When you do a long recited pattern, you need to understand that you need to give women time to participate. If all of a sudden a woman interrupts you and says, “Like when I feel a sense of destiny, karma and energy,” let her participate – especially if it’s a longer language pattern.


Second, just like language patterns are not something you do to a woman or run on a woman, Speed Seduction® is not something you do to women or run on them. It’s a sharing where you’re in the lead.

Now let me explain what I mean by that.

If, for example, you’re doing the Incredible Connection pattern, unless you can imagine FOR YOURSELF, IN THE MOMENT what it feels like to feel an incredible connection and you’ve experienced one in your life, how can you expect to lead her to feel that simply by reciting the words?


Perhaps you don’t experience the feelings as intensely as she does, however you at least have to be able to explore what it would feel like just a little bit to lead her.

Again: you need to let her participate. As you’re talking, if she says, “You mean it’s like when I feel a sense of destiny?” you want to develop that, not ignore it.  By saying that, she’s drawing you the map to her bed.  READ it.

Okay, Let Me Say It Another Way

The more you “do” language patterns to a woman, the less you’ll be “doing her” in bed. And vice-versa.

Got it?

Peace and piece,


P.S. My suggestion is, get your ass out to my seminar and watch how it’s done in front of real live women who I’ll have on stage.

If you want to transform, get your ass out to the seminar.

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3 Responses to Stop “Doing” Language Patterns (If You Want To Do Her)

  1. Justin Quaid says:

    To me it is more important to get the concept of Speed Seduction and to be able to apply it many different avenues beyond any set pattern. Just like martial arts where in the beginning a person might be focus on learning the techniques, but as time moves on the martial artist soon takes on the form of a conceptual technician, or in other words finally the art becomes a part of the practitioner.

  2. Zarathud says:

    Fortunately I’ve never been able to memorize a full pattern, so I’ve never had a problem with this!

  3. Socialkenny says:

    Nice breakdown Ross. Still somewhat vague but I can sift through the article and put it together myself. Like that you said it isn’t something you do to the girl but share with her. Cool perspective.

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