Thu, Nov 15, 2018
Dear Seeker of Success, So, you want to get her horny? You’re smart enough to know that blatant sex talk is probably not going to get you there. You want to move things to the next step, to pursue the next stage of intimacy), eliciting the states of irresistible arousal with what she really enjoys […]
Arousal Vs. It's On: What Happens Between Them?
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, There is a crucial difference between the paths traveled by men and by women on the path to where both meet up for the ride on the baloney pony: The sooner you master this, the more you’ll up your game. Peace and piece, RJ P.S.  This is a preliminary concept that […]
Generating Instant Fantasy (VIDEO)
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Here’s a clip from the 3.0 Course you’ll really like. Notice how I use a non-sequitur to get things going and then quickly move her into a fantasy scenario, with me inserted right into the fantasy WITH her: Talk about accessing her imagination and erotic emotions in record time…and opening up […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Students and Fans, One of the great things about learning Speed Seduction® (and also one of the most challenging) is that suddenly, you find yourself in situations with women you’ve never or rarely experienced before. Suddenly, hot girls want you. Suddenly, girls you are hanging out with start showing you the signs […]