Fri, Nov 16, 2018
Republished to respond to the Speed Seduction® community on November 14, 2017. ================ Dear Seeker of Success, I’m proud to say that Speed Seduction®, which started from such humble beginnings almost 30 years ago, has now spread around the world and is being used in many, many different languages. I guess it’s like I said: […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Yesterday, we explored how a student used a variation of “anti-flake” patterning to persuade a woman to respond to his e-mails after she had stopped doing so. If you missed it, here it is again: Dear NNNNNNN, I had not heard from you for quite a while so I just wanted […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Sometimes you can seemingly do everything right with a woman, but you still don’t get a response to your first message you leave for her. Or, you communicate with her for a while, then she just drops off without explanation. This can leave you scratching your head (or other parts) wondering […]
Republished at the request of the Brain Dump Community on August 25, 2017. ======================= Dear Seeker of Success, Want to have a threesome with two chicks at the same time? So many of my students either have, or want to, that I’m thinking of adding it to a “bucket list” of must-haves that every smart […]