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  • Mat May 30, 2017, 2:51 am

    The thing I hate about time is metabolism. I just don’t want to fuckin’ get old. Because then I loose my looks, energy, and health.. I wish I could keep this age paused at where I’m at forever.

    I had a major slump and depression in my learning curve and mastery right after high school. (which was just over 2 years ago)

    Something overcame me and I suffered for many days.. months. But I look back at that time period and even though it seems so far.. It no longer applies to me anymore. Now that I realize, why did it ever have to apply to me and take so much of my energy? I think it was uncertainty that was thwarting me; but how does one become certain without acting? (as I reviewed some of your modules, yesterday)

    Time does have a way of healing, but next time I will expedite the problem through pseudo-orientation. I love your NYIG product as that helps me tremendously. Today’s blog brings to me a sense of urgency; which I find both intimidating and enthralling. I will focus on the latter.


    • Ross Jeffries May 30, 2017, 9:16 am


      Wow, it sounds like you’ve had quite a journey there. Thank you for sharing. Self-awareness is key.

  • Gradivus May 30, 2017, 3:31 am

    Hey Ross, I’m applying your methods to my job search. In some ways, seducing an employer to hire you is similar to seducing a woman to sleep with you.

    Job Interview Responses:

    Q. Why do you want to work for [XYZ Corp.]?

    A. Well, you tell me: why do you think… I am the best choice for this position? Why do… you want to hire me for this position?

    Q. Well, we’re not sure yet that you are, or that we do.

    A. Exactly. The entire purpose of the interview process is for you to find out more about me and to decide that… I am the best candidate and the most qualified applicant and… you want to hire me for this position, and for me to find out if I do indeed want to work for [XYZ Corp.] and want to accept your generous job offer.

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