“I Finally Made The First Step…”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I’m willing to bet that almost 70% of you are successful in many areas of life, but just having some trouble mastering this one area – succeeding with your women that you truly desire, on your terms.

The next step you take may be the first one… as this student explains:

I’ve found your sites through your advertisement for the starter kit on your blog, which links there. Your blog, well, to be honest your whole perspective about life and women, caught my interest due to a very embarrassing detail.

At work I’m totally confident, without any traces of fear. In the rest of my life I never ever approached any women at all (however I was approached a couple of times from women who saw me at work). Even had a social phobia. Couldn’t open up to just about anyone regarding anything.

That phobia plagued me for nearly two decades. Even a couple of professional therapies weren’t successful.

After reading through the materials at your blog, working through your starter kit and the other materials there, the social phobia completely evaporated within days. It is gone.

It wasn’t anything specific, I think. I already had a lot of knowledge about how the mind works; however I didn’t understand it. I didn’t relate it to myself.

Now as I worked through your writings and the video snippets on your blog something just clicked. I understood. Somewhere was a key I had missed, a key no one ever told me about. Until I found your blog, and everything changed.

Since then I made a few indirect approaches. Without success yet, but I haven’t really tried. It was more about “see if I can make a first step”, and I could.

You’ve changed my life for the better. Thank you.

I know, that’s no seduction success story. Nevertheless I think it is a success story of a different kind. There’s still a long road ahead of me, but I think I finally made the first step. Now I’ve got a completely unfamiliar feeling: Hope.

And I think that’s the greatest gift of all. So again, thank you.

Best regards,
Bjoern G.

P.S.: I feel bad about it, but considering that you’re publishing letters from time to time, please do not publish my family name. Due to work related issues I must remain anonymous.

PR (aka RJ) here. Good on you Bjoern for taking the first step!

For everyone else: if you’ve mastered your career/education/life in general, but women leave you stumped, you’re far from alone.

Even rock stars, allegedly in the most “get-laid-now” profession of all, can fearlessly sing to an arena of 50,000 but then go speechless when women approach them after the show.

I won’t fill your ears with some candy-ass fairy tale about an “easy button” but I will tell you the next step you need to take may be…to take the first step.

The women you desire are waiting, so what in Jessica’s jodhpurs are you waiting FOR?

Peace and piece,

PR (aka RJ)

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5 Responses to “I Finally Made The First Step…”

  1. A M says:

    Sometimes I feel fear after running your patterns and I have to fractionate like there was a tiger in front of me…. a rock star can’t do that, power is nothing without control.

  2. roland thomas says:

    I understand how he feels. sometimes starting a conversation with a woman might take years to happen. but once it clicks and everything falls into place the past doesnt matter anymore. Success makes u feel like the past never existed.

  3. Simbat says:

    Same happened to me Ross…when I first read your material something just clicked. It made sens. It presented something totally different but made perfect sens. Because I mastered the girl getting game I can focus on hard work knowing that I wouldn’t have to settle for UG (ugly girls) when I decide to sarge. The power of CHOICE. Handle your energy, your state of mind, your women 🙂
    For this, I thank you !

  4. Here To Learn says:


    I thank you as well for your practical-do what works right now approach. I never thought I would talk to strange women, and now I do approaches without much apprehension. My friends in Miami was saying, “Your’e an animal dude!” when we were out on South Beach and I’d go up to a HB without giving a shit. I love your caring Virgo vibe (I’m a Virgo too)-Leave her better than you found her. I told these two gorgeous Swedish blondes they were quite stunning and my friends and i though she had one of the most lovely faces our eyes had ever seen. She was a student traveling, and liked the compliment. She really lit up like a little kid on Christmas morning. It was a great experience. I’m having oneitis lately with this crush I have because, thanks to your mediatation I think iv’e meet one of the best forms of energy in a female human form ever.

    I have been on SSRI’s for anxiety and i’m not in continual need of them right now. I thank you so much Guru Ross, and the next time i’m in LA a Starbucks is on me. I’m glad you picked up that copy of The Structure of Magic unconsciously as Style said in the book. Much love to you brother.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Here To Learn

      Awesome your anxiety is diminishing and aren’t in continual need of them. I’m NOT a Doctor, so always follow what your Doctor says.

      But good for you anyway!

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