The Force Is With You…To Get Hot Women!!!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I have to make a silly confession: I once stood in line for hours to see a “Star Wars” movie.

Now, I realize that being a “geek” at heart, those who know me personally wouldn’t be at all surprised.


But you, my dear students, should be aware, that one reason I love Star Wars is…

I Really Do Believe In “The Force”

No, not necessarily something as radical as Master Yoda levitating a space ship.

But I DO believe in “The Force” of breath, intent, awareness, belief and skill – the skill of capturing and leading the imagination and emotions-to help you have all the success with women you could ever want.

Why do I believe this?

Not just because I’ve seen it in my own life, over and over.

woman-with-swordBut more importantly, because of what you, my students, tell me and have told me ever day, for the past 24+ years about the amazing transformation the Speed Seduction® “Force” has allowed you to enjoy in your lives.

From guys who have never had a girlfriend their entire adult lives, turning it around and having multiple women…

Or guys who have had to settle for what they could get, now enjoying who they really want…

Or guys lifting years of depression and fear in weeks – or even days – and going back to enjoying life…

My friend, if you really want to learn to be a true “Jedi” in the world of women, and having mastery of life as well, keeping working on those important things:

Learning to control and design your beliefs, attitude, awareness, energy and skills.

Are you prepared to embrace “The Force?”



P.S. Imagine how great your life will be when you know, with 100% certainty that whenever you see a beautiful woman, anytime, any place, that you know exactly what to do to approach her, get her attracted to you, and seduce her!

That’s what you learn inside Rapid and Total Success With Women >>>



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3 Responses to The Force Is With You…To Get Hot Women!!!

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  2. Oleg says:

    I think I’ve already known that you’re a geek, one of the things that I respect you for is that you’re a very smart man and I’m not ass kissing; that’s just my observation. Smart men tend to be geeks.

    While I’m not yet where I want to be yet with women I am thankful that I have someone like you to help me get there.

    Happy New Year Paul and thank you!

  3. Joseph K says:

    “I have to make a silly confession: I once stood in line for hours to see a “Star Wars” movie.”

    Ah 1976, those were the days…Keith Moon was still drumming for the Who too….

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