Two Fantastic Book Recommendations

Dear Speed Seduction(R) Students,

As you know, I am always interested in how the mind works and how to read/persuade our fellow humans.

In that regard, I want to recommend two fantastic books.  You can get them on Amazon, of course.

1. How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

This is an unbelievably important book for understanding the role of emotions in making good decisions and avoiding bad ones.  I’m only three chapters in and it is already blowing my mind. GET IT!

2. Louder Than Words by Joe Navarro  Navarro puts every previous book I’ve read on reading people and “body language” to shame. A former FBI agent, he brings decades of law enforcement training to the table. An amazing, practical, no-BS, no padding book. GET IT!

If you’ve followed this blog for a good length of time, you know I very rarely recommend books. These two books deserve it.


P.S. I have no connection with these authors, have never met nor spoken with them and have no financial stake in these recommendations. I just think you will benefit from these books.


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  3. Here To Learn says:

    I’m very shy, have panic attacks, and am really introverted.

    I went out to a Department store today with a friend and saw a gorgeous college age brunette with a curvy body working as a cashier, and I went for it.

    I said, “Excuse me, I know you’re trying to work but I just wanted to let you know that 99% of the women who walk through that door would kill to look half as good as you do. You’re really beautiful, and I’d be flattered if you’d have a drink with me. Hot Babe, “I’d love to but, I’m not old enough to drink. How about something else?” Me, “Let’s meet for cofee sometime, give me a hug” (she walks over and hugs me from around the register”. Me “Ok, give me your number” (I enter it in my phone). I blink at her and say “I’ll see you later”. She looked at me with those blue cat eyes. I was so horny and nervous I didn’t enter the number in right, so I walked out after I realized it went back in the store and asked her for it again and said, “I didn’t put your number in right, and I couldn’t let that happen and not ever get to see you again” she gladly smiled and gave it to me again.

    RJ-If she’s willing to walk around the corner to hug me in public like that can I close this if I act ballsy when I see her?

    After we left, My friend laughed at me (he knows how shy I am) and said I was like the guy in the movie “The Night At The Roxbury” I got a girl’s number and would go home and frame it on the wall. His wife asked me later (she knows me too) “How did you do it”, Me, “Sometimes you see women who just bring out an animal type of desire in you, and you can’t help but go for it”. (For me that’s true).

    You are a cool, creative, individual RJ. I plan on going to a seminar this year. I can’t wait to say hi to you. I still struggle with nervous energy, and shyness but, at least I’m working up the courage to go for it.

  4. A M says:

    What about Shinzen’s cds, are they for mental training or there is also something about Vajrayāna?

  5. Joe Henry says:

    Just wanted to tell “Here To Learn” – that’s very inspiring man!

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