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  • Paul May 17, 2017, 5:11 pm

    Your comment ” speaking the truth is more important than getting into her pants” is the one statement which resonates powerfully with me. Ironically with the right woman it is the best way. It cuts through the weeds. Pussy-footing around is the key block to any endeavor, not just sex. Whenever the truth is spoken it demands attention because of the honest energy behind it. Even a heartfelt and contrarian opinion passionately delivered is counter-intuitively a true stimulant. True honest energy is very attractive. In our PC world it is rare. Women sense it better than men in my opinion but we all do. It unblocks the flow and where there is flow women go. As always Paul you keep me thinking and moving forward. Thanks.

    • Ross Jeffries May 24, 2017, 10:30 am


      A long time ago one of my students shared his epiphany: “Women are horny and want sex too.”

      THAT is a true statement.

      When she gets that fulfilled, is she living her truth?

      What’s stopping you from making it happen?

      Strip away the bullshit lies and propaganda from the Romance Racketeers over at the Ministry of Truth and you find the answer is “nothing really”

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