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  • sargenation.com March 25, 2009, 4:30 pm

    Why Txt Msgs Sck Dck | Ross Jeffries Uncensored…

    Contrary to some “PUA Gurus”, Ross Jeffries tells men NOT to text women they have just met. With txt msgs, you not only “drop” letters, you lose facial expressions and tone of voice to affect her emotionally. Why limit your options and chances to…

  • linksmarker.com March 25, 2009, 4:43 pm

    Why Txt Msgs Sck Dck | Ross Jeffries Uncensored…

    Contrary to some “PUA Gurus”, Ross Jeffries tells men NOT to text women they have just met. With txt msgs, you not only “drop” letters, you lose facial expressions and tone of voice to affect her emotionally. Why limit your options and chances to…

  • Pick Up Tips March 26, 2009, 5:41 am

    Good stuff! I have to agree that communicating online via instant messengers and texting a girl you just met, and are trying to hook up with, will only make things feel less personal, less intimate and..fck up the chances of success. Unfortunately young men today seem to prefer texting because it’s easier and requires less balls than talking to a woman face to face.

  • Monk41 March 26, 2009, 3:04 pm

    could not agree more with you Ross Who is she going to pay more attention to the guy messaging her or the man right in front of her ? I will not say with who. But I saw this whole demo on text game . I kept on asking why do you not just phone her the person had no explanation as to why you had to text first . then phone . they kept on looking at me like I was from Mars I do not even own a cell phone. I eventually said oh i guess I had better get a cell phone with text capability to understand . They said in a frustrated voice yes you should. The only thing that I can figure that makes any sense at all. Is you would text in loud nightclubs because you cant talk or something.

  • Debate Man January 18, 2011, 5:13 pm

    I have been exprimenting with “cybering”, instant messagin etc. for years now. I can tell you that Ross Jeffries is correct. Just one ten-minute phone call has more emotional power than 6 hours of pain-stakingly crafted Instant Messaging. I’ve tried it.

  • Wolf January 18, 2011, 7:07 pm

    I completely DISagree!!! I travel nearly every week and between 3 or 4 cities I now have 10+ women in my rotation and I use a few texts per week to keep them thinking about me constantly. I’ve found that text is the CRACK cocaine of communication with all women.

    My texts arrives on her phone at random intervals and we all know from Psych 101 that random reinforcement is highly ADDICTIVE. btw none of these women expect me to be a long-term relationship partner, I position myself as their out-of-town “boy toy.”

    I’ll use slightly naughty or sexual subcommunication for the opening text. If she doesn’t reply, I’ll hit her with another text in 2-3 days. Many times this opener is all it takes to get the HB off and running on a highly sexualized series of texts, much more quickly and far beyond what they’d be comfortable with over the phone. If she takes the bait, you can kiss the friend zone good-bye forever. Seriously, I laid 19 women last year, most were more than one-night-stands, mostly college educated. I talked on the phone with them a TOTAL of LESS than 5 times cumulatively. Text is magic for me. A real time saver!

    A couple of example openers that open the door for sexualized banter over text. and be sure to give them a fn nickname on the first text, such as Muffin, Sparkie, Sassy etc.

    “I’m distracted by thoughts of…”
    “If I was your co-worker I’d sexually harrass you right now.”
    “You don’t want to know what I’m thinking right now.”
    “What kind of trouble are you up to today?”

    • Ross Jeffries January 19, 2011, 12:23 pm


      For managing your women, ok. It’s possible. But the txting isn’t what got them in your bed in the first place.

  • Elizabeth January 18, 2011, 8:15 pm

    From a chick’s perspective, I completely disagree. Texting keeps that guy front and center. I feel MORE intimate with someone if they’re texting me after we’ve talked. It’s basically saying to someone “you’re on my mind, I’m thinking about you.” If someone never texts me, then I assume he’s not that interested. I have kids and if someone can’t text me then he’s out. There are plenty of times I can text but I can’t talk when they’re around. And I fully believe that you can text using Ross’s principles. My favorite dude (who I’m dating) is a fantastic texter and that’s one thing that attracted me to him. He would create emotional states *with* his texts. “Riiiiiight” is very different than “Right.” “Mmmmmhhhhmmmm” communicates more than “o.k.”. Get creative. Text and dominate.

    • Ross Jeffries January 19, 2011, 12:22 pm


      Great to have a lady chiming in. The bottom line: if the guy does his job right in the first meeting, you are going to be fantasizing about him and the txting is not necessary. If he hasn’t done his job in the first meeting, the txting won’t do it.


  • Sleight January 18, 2011, 9:13 pm

    If you haven’t made out or you somehow “know” she’s interested in you then yes I agree. If you know she’s really into you then texting will work for setting up a meeting, but not if you barely got a feel for each other.
    It’s like trying to hook up with messenger withto someone you haven’t even met, it really sucks.

    Thanks for all these posts I really enjoy them Ross, be well!

  • Zarathud January 19, 2011, 4:59 am


    I think there are some women also who prefer texting because it’s easier and requires less balls than talking to men face to face.

    The general seduction question here is, “where is it leading and how am I screening?”

  • Chris Bewley January 19, 2011, 5:05 am

    Messaging has a value, but only as a tool to promote curiosity or intrigue. I’ve found them useful to set up hook’s or lead in’s to basic patterns. “Got something planned for Friday, You’re gonna love this” – ” there’s something facinating about your eye’s”
    Work’s for me

    • Ross Jeffries January 19, 2011, 12:21 pm


      Great. But if you have done the work sufficiently on the first meet, the txting bcms lrgly unnecessary. The texting itself isn’t going to arouse them.

  • Mackis January 19, 2011, 8:24 am

    Well, here it Ross…

    Girls don’t give a shit about how you “sound”. It’s more important
    to be socially acceptable and trendy…ala texting. C’mon man!

    You only pull nerds and ugly chicks, you can’t get hot girls from the club bro. You’re not socially intelligent. You can only prey on weak women with high IQ’s because a lot of them are socially naive and suggestible and lonely. They live in their minds and easily preyed upon
    with hypnosis.

    What Ross does is predatory nonsense. No girl with options and who is really hot, no models or actresses or social 10’s are going to have time to answer their fucking phone bro. They’ll think you’re a loser if you don’t text.

    • Ross Jeffries January 19, 2011, 12:20 pm


      I’m allowing your comment because I love destroying nonsense.

      Girls don’t give a shit how I sound? Really? And you know about the kinds of responses I generate…how?

      Men have been seducing women for countless centuries by what comes out of their mouths, long before there was any such thing as text messaging.

      But the larger point is this: when you can create states of desire, connection. fascination, and arousal in the initial conversation, the phone contact often becomes nothing more than a logistical detail. She’ll leave with you, then and there, or be ready to fuck you at the next opportunity, and whether you phone, text, or use goddamn smoke signals is largely irrelevant. When a girl is eager to fuck you(as happens with Speed Seducers) then she’ll goddamn answer her phone and come running.

      Hot girls from the club, bro? No, I’m not 25 and I don’t “go to the club”. Nor do I have an interest in doing so and nor would most of my customers who are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, but I’m sure your frat house brothers enjoy their drunken excursions.

      Peace and piece,


  • Mackis January 19, 2011, 7:44 pm

    I’m not in a frat bro, I actually don’t need to be in one to get laid. I just go out and tell girls “I want to fuck you” and it works sometimes.

    So what you’re saying is that the tools don’t work for girls who are under 30? And what you’re also saying is that you can’t get 30,40,50 year old men hot 19 year old chicks? That’s quite a disappointment!

    • Ross Jeffries January 21, 2011, 11:59 am


      The “tools” work on women of all ages. My last GF was 18 when I met her and I was about to turn 49. She loves to party and she texts LOTS…with the guys she is toying with. The guys she wants to fuck, she fucks as soon as possible because she wants them and that’s because of how they show up/present/handle themselves the first time they talk with her IN PERSON.

      And your method is “crude” to say the least. If you are more than 15 years older than a woman, telling her “i want to fuck you” is probably not good, odds wise, keeping your teeth in your mouth or your ass out of jail.

      Which PUA company are you flacking for?


  • PsychoBoy January 19, 2011, 8:07 pm

    Elizabeth is right. Texting does keep the guy front and center. That is because texting is a total and complete trap. It gives the female all the power because she can be texting 103 other guys at the same time as she’s talking to you and therefore you have no real effect on her subconscious whatsoever.

    You’re just some words and “mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm” will do little more than just make her smile. It’s not the same and everyone can realize it if they begin to think about it. There is nothing to dominate, all you’re doing is wasting time on texting. Texting is only a tool to set up meets and talk shit about people in the same room with someone else (well at least thats what I use it for).

    In my opinion, if you text you’re getting played simply because your in her little black book along with the rest of the suckerfish and losers. You get slotted in the category.

    Sure, she might be banging some guys she’s texting but they’re all attractive in person whether through looks or their personalities anyway. Nothing to do with the texting. Zero.

    The pitfalls of texting in a seduction are…

    1)You get slotted with all the other losers on her phone. She’s one up.
    2)You prolong the seduction process.
    3)You sacrifice power because you aren’t putting your voice in her ear.
    4)You can be easily used as a distraction or entertainment/validation for her rather than a lover. You can easily become one of the guys she “texts” when she needs attention.
    5)She can show all her girlfriends the texts and they pass judgement on you and that’ll influence her and involve more people in the seduction than are needed, which needlessly complicates things for no reason at all.

    There are so many reasons not to use text as a seduction tool it’s incredible. You just need to use it for meets if you want, but as a tool for seduction it’s utterly useless.

    Any girl who honestly won’t talk to me because I don’t text is too crazy to deal with anyway.

  • eytan January 19, 2011, 11:52 pm

    Good points Ross, but how about some teachings re: How to get around all the cyber-BS she will throw at you between the initial sarge and actually closing the deal? It seems like younger women take texting/email/tweeting/ etc for granted as a normal part of their relationships today…what can we do to cut thru these “autopilot” responses/ behaviors? So often I find women hiding behind these and it’s hard to dislodge them…

  • Albert January 20, 2011, 7:42 am

    Voice is great but text has its place to. Its a bit of what works best for the individual. I think if you text too much then she might find it hard to put a face to your texts. Voice is still king but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using text where possible. If you talk to her all the time then text her all of a sudden then you could be communicateing in ‘subtext’ that your unavailable right now, adding to your attractiveness. Some guys including ‘wolf’ have a point. I mean, texting can be made more emotional as Elizabeth said. More and more people are using text, and its got nothing to do with age. Ross, don’t put yourself in a corner on this issue, findout what your instructors are doing, what percentage are they texting and using voice over the phone. Are the percentages the same for all men or different depending on their personality. You might be suprised !

    • Ross Jeffries January 21, 2011, 11:56 am


      My “instructors”? I don’t think you get how I do things. TXT is not a good tool to create emotional response. It’s good for logistics and for fun.


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  • Alex January 21, 2011, 2:52 pm

    I think it’s funny how some of you have completely valid points but then fuck it all up by disrespecting and dissing the one man who’s done more for seduction than anyone else in the community.

    I’m about to meet a girl soon who I met on Facebook who said I was hot and gave me her # and said text me. I texted her and it quickly escalated to sexting, and I ended up commanding her to masturbate while imagining me fucking her, using weasel phrases and embedded commands, and we’re meeting up tonight and given the conversation I think we’re probably going to fuck like bunny rabbits in April.

    I believe there’s a difference in texting because you’re okay with it and texting because you’re afraid to talk on the phone. I personally am down for both phone conversation and texting. I prefer phone but hey, whatever.

    Now granted, she thought I was hot from my picture, which won’t work for everyone, but this is a unique situation only that I had no facetime with her, the texting still works.

    I do agree that you should do as MUCH as you can during the initial meeting to spark attraction etc. and not depend on texting. Follow up text game can be used to escalate sexually, not only to arrange logistics although your primary goal of course is to arrange a meeting.

  • Yace January 21, 2011, 6:36 pm

    I think is a matter of styles. I mean, some guys prefer to text for being remember by the girl, and that´s not bad. Yes, voice and movement is a lot more effective than texting, thats obvios because you are there, but sometimes you have to play the game. Texting doesn´t make to loose your control and it is fun, so do the text and play a bit.
    Taking advantage of the technology is an advantage.

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  • Tom January 22, 2011, 7:39 pm

    Well, here is a newsflash for ya! Speed Seduction has been working great for many guys long before texting with cell phones came onto the scene so go figure!

  • Shane January 27, 2011, 11:15 pm

    I think that while the best way to connect with someone is being with them, and guiding and shaping the experience in as many different ways as you can (tonally, mentally, physically, verbally), MANY women today communicate via text messages for a variety of reasons:
    1. I think they like vibrations 🙂
    2. It’s similar to instant messaging
    3. That’s how they communicate with their friends

    Now, I agree with Ross, you are best if you can move to as much of an interaction as you really want as quickly as you can, just that text messages are something that I think can be a compliment to everything, and you might as well use them, because they are not going away and have featured prominently in recent world events.

  • Harry January 30, 2011, 2:37 am


    what about emailing as opposed to texting? I write long emails to this girl which are normally incidents and anecdoets from my day to day life but I just use words creatively. She often tells me that, “Wow! Everytime I see a new message I start hoping it would be yours” , “I read your emails at least two times, and thats the least I’m saying.” I haven’t met her in person and she lives far away from me so we talk on the internet. When I email her I create a state of fantasy or delight in her mind by painting pictures through words and then when we talk on the phone its even better. But yes I have no idea whether she is attracted to me, because although she says these nice things, once in a while she does give me “lets be friens” message. At other times it feels like she is “into” me when she says stuff like, “I’ll wait for you to call. I never say this to anyone.” So I’m a bit confused yes and morever I this girl is a Muslim so her upbringing and religion teach her that its wrong for her to think about any man before she gets married, so in a way maybe I feel she must be having a internal conflict when she thinks about me. By the way Ross, this is the first time I’ve visited this blog. I read about you in “The Game” and you look like one of those old seadogs who knows their stuff. I read your comment on Neil’s blog that said about a 90 day money back guarentee. You are the man, my insctict tells me that. Cheers.

  • Libertine March 17, 2011, 6:34 pm

    Ross is dead on. Texting just allows her to slot you into the collection of tools that don’t have the balls to step away from what “trendy” little boys do. Text, “add”, “like” and “poke” all you want AFTER you’ve poked her in the real world.

    Seduction is best performed on the man’s terms, not by immature losers who feel the need to feminize themselves, use the word “like” ten times a minute, and text a chick just because she asks for it. The priority is to seduce quickly and efficiently. If that fails, a phone number is acceptable. But acquiescing to seducing via text is tantamount to trying to seduce via email with a chick that probably lives within a few miles. It’s fucking stupid.

    Honestly, there’s nothing more pathetic than the sight of a grown man jabbing away on a tiny phone and waiting for a response, hoping she might take things to the next level with *holy shit!* a phone call, just because he wasn’t man enough to be a man and say, “You know I fucking hate typing, that’s what my receptionist is for.”

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  • tincrowdor October 4, 2011, 12:52 pm

    funny the dissing of sms or text when Ross was promoting replying to online personal ads in one of his products – snail mail wtf?

    face to face is best, phone is next, email then texts…but theres still scope to keep girls intrigued by text when other options are not available

  • Nico January 13, 2012, 4:20 pm


    Wow! what can I say! first of thank you Ross!

    I’ve been using SS for the past 6 months in between going to school full time and I can tell you that day, after day, after day, I’m meeting amazing beautiful women. Young, older, intellectual, athletic, outgoing, divas, models, married, engaged, club addicted ect.,

    I’m black, I speak with a french accent, ok looking, 5.11″, somewhat in shape, in my late 20s and I live in a small town where there’s virtually no diversity (you get the pic!) …

    I don’t use negs, the SS language is a gift to them because these women have never felt these feelings before because they are accustom to men tricky them into s*x – that is to say, boosting social values, feeding them alcohol, and putting the women in a position where s*x is the only way out and mostly like a gesture to thank you for all of your expenses as opposed to her really wanting to be with you and can feel the feeling in her body.


    Note: (#1 girl is my very first “FULL” experience with SS)

    #1 girl, Model, 24, doing her masters in Art. We met on the street at 8pm while I was bar hoping with a friend. complimented on her energy. created intrigue, invitation for a drink next door, we went on a instant trip, heavy kino through stories, make outs … went to meet her friends at different bar (more models) … 10 mns later, she whispered in my ear “is it ok that I want to F*ck you right now” and I responded: “I’d rather you do it at my house – let’s get out of here” … we spent the night together and we were hanging out for the entire semester.

    #2 NYC night clubs. I was on vacation for 1 month and had spectacular fun with 3 hot babes throughout the month (two nines and a ten)

    #3 super hot babe i took a class with, works as a stripper, got so hot and dropped her close off in my bedroom before i even did touched her … and list goes on and on.

    a lot of guys don’t know when to use patterns and do not understand states and also don’t believe in it themselves. At first I ran into some issues just because i didn’t believe in it enough – so my delivery and tonality sucked. But not anymore – it’s becoming part of me and I’m having fun with it. when ever I open my mouth, I become fascinating in all situations.

    especially night clubs where the music is loud – it’s hard to use SS because the woman cannot hear you. So you will need other skills like dancing, body language and social confidence but the minute you are in COMFORT (like the other guys call it). SS is what’s gonna get he deal done for you – I hope you understand what I’m talking about!

    but anyway, a person needs to understand STATES, how to invoke it and walk her though it if you feel that she is not in touch with her feelings. You will find that with female night owls if you use it at the wrong time.

    oh btw – I have never met an educated woman at a nightclub beside a bunch foreigners, young college girls or actress/ models wanna bes. Never a psychologist, P.A. or lawyer, doctor ect.,.. but I do all the time at the grocery store.

    I’ve read some other books but none of them works as well as Ross’s. However, to be well rounded, a person needs to do well in any situations no matter where you are (nightclub, street, grocery store, coffee shop ect.,) in order to do that, you must acquire new knowledge such as: dancing, body language, social skills, crowd control, inner-self and the SS language.

    To conclude my email, you must do the initial work properly in order for text and phone calls to work. If you have done so, no matter what you do next she will respond.

    Here’s a hint to you: after making out with a girl, I pull back and start structuring opportunities (testing to see if she will go home with me. If not, I start training her for the next meeting, I offer challenges trying to eliminate her flaking.

    Most importantly, because SS is so intense and unbelievable that this kind of romance or connection is real to a lot of women(regardless they were making out with you – so they may not follow through and stop believing in the fantasy when they are away from you)

    – What I do, I talk about it and put in they mind what if all was real!
    – and tell them what to do the next time i contact them or if they want to see me again.

    Without SS, don’t get me wrong regardless your experience if you just play the numbers, you’ll eventually find a girl to give you s*x and if you track your performance, you will be disappointed but not if you incorporate SS in to your style.

    In my case, when you talk to only 2 to 3 amazingly beautiful girls for the night or day and ended up doing the dirty with one of them – that my friend is power and I couldn’t do it without SS. and the process takes about 2 hours for me. And I’m willing to tell you that the other materials out there put you in the position for chasing and begging with a lot of uncertainties.

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  • The Bush With Legs February 2, 2012, 1:40 pm

    I only really text “back” to arrange meets. (Dominance)

    The reason I have there number in the first place is because the initial conversation prompted them to give it to me.

    Then and only then they either meet because she “Feels” she wants to, Or, they are about to loose out (Probably because they are not suitable for me anyway)….ON to the next one…

    At the very least texting could be preventing you from a good chance to properly learn…..

    @ Mackis – Walking up to a bird in a bar and saying “I want to Fuck you” sometimes works Huh…Probably more often than texting it though…I Bet… …I wonder why? Hmmmmmmmm ?

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